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Photo of Jeff Weymier
Similar images
There are several photos I would consider to be very similar in the birds section of wildlife. I was wondering if that is okay under the ...
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Photo of Sandy Considine
Is there a reason?
Is there any good reason other than people can't read or understand the sub-categories that there is anything other than portraits in the...
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Photo of Michelle Meenawong
let's say: I mark one picture as favourite. Will the photographer of this picture be advised?? I don't think so but it could be nice.
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Photo of Aleksandar StokicAS
Photos are less saturated
As i can noticed, when i upload my photos, all of them are less saturated on pixoto website. Is that done on purpose, or because of websi...
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Photo of Eve CaronEC
I would like to enter instagram photos but it keeps telling me the images need to be 900 pixels... The pictures are the way they are from...
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