Your scoring seems realy screwed up. Pictures with way more wins and fewer losses scoring lower than those with less win and more losses...

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. What gives? I'm really upset about this. Seems one of my pictures with 35 wins and 20 losses and has a score of only 537 and my other picture with 27 wins and 27 loses is scored at 570. Shouldn't the picture with the 35 wins and 20 losses be scored way higher? I find this very upsetting. Seems it barely moves with any win. These pictures are both in the same category of babies and children portraits.

I would add the images to show you but for whatever reason it won't let me.
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  • confused & cheated

Posted 7 years ago

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If you read how it works. you'll understand. It's not always a case of win/loss ratio but also depends on the relative strength of the opponent. Here's the link:
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Yeah, they have made it so damn complicated to make sure that noone can claim to have been cheated out of a good score...but we'll never really know what goes on there, what with the "self-voting" accidents, repetitive postive etc... What defines the "strength" of an opponent? This is bullshit. Is someone posting hundreds of water lillies considered a strong opponent?
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Garces & Garces thank you for the feedback.

Hi Cheryl, hope this helps.
ImageScore is generated from our proprietary algorithms and is meant
to summarize how well the image has done against other images in its
category and subcategory. Once an image has competed in sufficient
duels, a higher score will naturally mean a higher perceived quality.
ImageScore is recalculated at the end of every ImageDuel. Factors that
determine how much ImageScore changes include the number of ImageDuels
completed and the relative strength of the opponent.

Our goal is not to find the relative position of all images
but instead to find the relative position of the BEST images. It is not
important to us whether an image rates 50 or 51 out of 100. We really
only want to put that image in the right area of the Leaderboard and
will stop dueling (“pause”) images that are not statistically likely to
reach the top 10%. By contrast it is important that we understand
whether an image ranks number 3 or 4 out of 100 and will use a
disproportionate number of ImageDuels to determine this.

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you will also find that if you lose the first 2 or three duels, you have a snowball's chance in you-know-where. and it is especially frustrating when those first couple of duels are against photos that are miscategorized or watermarked or otherwise ought to not be in the duel
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That's why I immediately delete an image if it loses its first two or three duels -- I'll then resubmit it, either right away or after a bit of a wait.
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Not sure why Pixoto likes to make image scoring such a big mystery... It should be transparently clear how many points one earns(or loses) from each duel and how dueling images are selected. For instance, if one earns more points from defeating a high scoring image, how are those higher scoring images selected, and is the process FAIR. if one's image is never allowed to duel against say, a 700+ image, then how can it advance to that level? Why, in earlier dueling, are points awarded for a loss, against lesser images, but taken away when defeated by a higher scoring image? One should think that a loss against a lousy image would say more than a loss against a great one... Why the mystery? Why are we not allowed to know how much we stand to gain or lose?
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Its just curious to me that the same photographers seem to score well into the 700s no matter WHAT image they post, but others never seem to make it into that particular pinnacle. Are image duels based on a photographers anticipated score, before the image is ever submitted?
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It seems perfectly simple to me... If a shot wins against a photo that has already won a number of duels it will get a higher score than a photo the wins against a photo that lost a number of duels... It's a very good way to get a score that is not just a click through vote ... And when it comes to voting ..Opinions vary...

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