why has all 12 photos i up loaded been paused with in a few seconds of up load????????

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what I read Pixoto is losing credibility , and i am starting to understand why, as I spent 3 hours up loading and naming filling in to up load 12 photos for the baby animals . only to find a host of e mails with in seconds of up loading to say they been paused, This seem a bit of a scam to get us to use point and up grade to Pro, where as i was told in my fists week i made pro level and have pro account due to the fast points accumulated. Are you going back on your word. I will see if I can dig out the e mail. ? and what about my photos I just up loaded?
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Gary, how many duels did your image get in a few seconds? Sometimes my images get 7 duels before I can even refresh my screen.

I wonder if the "pause" emails are making people aware of something that has always been a part of pixoto. So many people are upset about it, but it's the same way of doing things.
Pausing means many things. In a small category, if they don't pause, your image duels will compete against the same image multiple times (I saw that with my own photo in the Mothers Day caption category- so few entries that I must have competed 5 times with one rose photo!) That really isn't meaningful competition. Also, as Jason said- the first images they duel your image against are usually good predictors of where your picture might end up. I don't pretend to understand the complexities, but they are fairly accurate. If you look at the leaderboards, most days it is split between pros and non-pros.

I think people need to know that even "pro" members get the equivilent of "paused" sometimes- they just don't see a pause button because they will get votes again eventually. Some of my lower ranked images get 10 votes or so, and then nothing happens for a few hours, then a few more votes... then it just trickles in. Sometimes it takes me days to get 100 votes- and truthfully, if it got up to around 400 at around 10 votes...it just hung out there and never changed. Their predictions were true- and if I was a non-pro member- then it might have got to 400 after 10 votes and been paused, and not wasted 90 duels to see if it stayed there. I became a pro so I could see image duels- not for 100 duels. I vote enough (because I LOVE voting) that I currently have almost 6000 credits. If I wasn't pro, that would be enough to boost the votes on a lot of photos!

Gary, I would suggest you stick around for awhile- upload a few images per day in different categories and watch them. You'll start to see patterns and recognize what might make a winning image. Don't give up on the first try!!! I look forward to seeing some of you work! And if you check the forum, you notice that LOTS of us here gripe about bad HDR and photoshop alot- sometimes they make the top 10, but sometimes pure images get there too!!! This is a fun site.If you're another pure photog, you can only make it better too!

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