Why are top scores down from other years? Pick a number.

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I was going through the all time high scores in the Animals category recently to see how the highest scores, over the last four years that I have been a member of this site, compared with each other, and an interesting revelation emerged.

In 2012, this image finished with a score of 803 in the Animals category, and didn't even make the final Top Ten in that category.


In 2013 this photo wound up with a score of 812. It, as well, didn't make the final Top Ten in the Animals category for that year.


In 2014, this was the highest voted image in Animals with a whopping 841 score.


Last year, in 2015, there were only two images with an 800 plus score. The first currently standing at 806 and the second at 802, and while they are very deserving scores for wonderful images, the final top ten images, when they are announced, don't come close in scoring when compared to the final Top Ten scoring of the previous three years. I don't know if this is indicative of other categories, since I was only checking the category to which I mainly submit images.

So the question I have is...what has happened to voting participation?

I have come up with some possible answers, which I will list, and I'm sure there are many more, but I would be interested in seeing what other members choose as an answer from this list or provide their own input, as well as any thoughts from Pixoto's very gracious and tolerant Jasenka.

1, Membership has declined and therefore a decline in voting is inevitable.

2. Many members are more interested in gaining credits through Contest Challenges than taking the time to vote. Also, the number of Challenges has increased to the point that it takes away from daily contest voting.

3. Voting is being manipulated by certain members or groups of members which keeps potentially high scoring images below their true potential.

4. Quality of work submitted is not as high as in previous years, and that is reflected in the lower scores.

5. Members don't vote as much now because they are tired of seeing the same people win top ten daily awards; tired of seeing similar images winning; tired of seeing same subject winning; tired of seeing members submit numerous images every day and monopolizing the contest.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Any of the above could be the reason and I think another reason is that the algorithm has also been changed in 2015. Earlier if an image was great, the scores would rise instantly and now that's not the case. Something definitely has changed.
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The algorithm has changed in 2015 and the image duels were also fewer in 2015.
The fact that some members overcrowd every day the daycontest whith almost similar images is one of the reasons why same people win daily awards. It would be good if the submition was limited, lets say, max. 5 images per member.
Now we have quantity and less quality!
This year i haven ́t shown a photo yet because when i want to submit images in my timeregion i will find already images whith over 700 points from usualy same member and similarity..
Ofcourse my timeregion is still the same as before, only that now, certain members overfill on time the daily contest whith similar photos having 700+ while newcomers have to start at zero and whith less duels!
What does it help if my image at the end of the day ends up whith only 100 duels whith 60 wins/ 40 losses and just 600-615 points and the #1 has over 170 duels whith 85-90 wins / 80 losses and over 720+ points? It seems thbat duels at the end of the day get fewer and more duels get redirected for next day (today) daycontest!!
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John, thanks for the interesting post...i would go with no,3 and no.6. Renos makes sense as well.

What I see more and more is folks who are trying to earn a Photographer of the Year award not by submitting quality 700 to 800 score photos. But by merely uploading hundreds and hundreds of average 500 or so score photos, Hoping in the end, that the shear numbers will somehow all add up to a Photographer of the year award..
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everything seems to be reduced to a quantity not quality!!!
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Hi John, may I suggest another answer (just to clarify, these are my personal thoughts as participating photographer, not as Pixoto rep)?

6. As years pass competition is tougher with more great images then before, so many images don't get extremely high scores (above 800) because votes that before went to only small number of images now disperse between larger number of images then before.

Now acting as Pixoto rep:

Hi John, I will ask for clarification and I'll let you know when I get reply.

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