Where would you put this image??

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I am only curious, how you people see this image? Digital art? Painted? or a normal photography?
I did not report it and i dont have any intensions to do so.
I only like to hear how others see this image:

Photo of Renos Hadjikyriacou

Renos Hadjikyriacou

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Posted 5 years ago

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Photo of John Phielix

John Phielix

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To me it seems as normal photography, despite local contrast and sharpness improvements.
Photo of Bridgette Rodriguez

Bridgette Rodriguez

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Photos/animals/insects--looks like a spider to me, but not sure due to the number of eyes and my not being an insect expert and not looking it up online. It's also 6 months old as of March 26, so if it is in the wrong category it stays where it is. I could have sworn this photo was in a duel in votng in the last several weeks, unless there are other photos of the same type out there.
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I would say animal/insects, it might also do well in digital art due to the effects, however they are subtle. either way it's a great photo :)
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Johnny Thomas

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It appears to be a photo belonging in animals, but if the eyes have been altered, perhaps digital. If I saw it in animals, I wouldn't report it
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That's just scary!

Looks like a wolf spider. I hate spiders. Anyway, it is definitely a spider.
Photo of Shooting America

Shooting America

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Though too sharpened and oversaturated, it's under Animals.

Though post-processing is obvious, the normal texture of the spider remains.
Photo of Renos Hadjikyriacou

Renos Hadjikyriacou

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Thank you @ll for your interesting ways of view.
I never saw one of this spiders in nature, so i don`t know how they really look like!
Personaly, i can not believe that they look like on this photo when one gets to see them in live, particularly all the litle hairs together whith those eyes looking like sunglases!
To me it looks more like if the limits from "Natural" to post-processing effects are overstepped which brins us to the question in which caregory this image fits best???
Photo of Shooting America

Shooting America

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Sadly, voters tend to lean towards oversaturated and oversharpened images driving many members who want higher scores to over processed their images. I myself have some over processed ones, to see how they stack against my minimally processed landscapes. And for some selfish reasons too. He! He! The former proved to have given me better results.

There are many posters in this forum who professed dislike at over processing but that's a minority of all voters, considering Pixoto is worldwide.

Now, the crux of the problem is how much processing does it take to cross over the line into an image becoming Digital Art?

According to Pixoto, it's Digital if it looks unreal. As stated in their category description, "This includes photo montages, fantasy scenes, constructed landscapes, artificial scenes and any photo compilation that is surreal or unreal. If it isn't even trying to look real – put it here." Now, that's very subjective. How reality looks is different to everybody.

To me, a unicorn dancing on a rainbow is reality. LOL!
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Joyce Andersen

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ok, it seems the criteria that the report team should be using for Digital art is not editing that makes something look unreal as much as it needs to be a compilation... more than one image... how does one determine if multiple images have been used? I suppose again we have to depend on the person posting to be honest.... And we know how well that works, don't we? giggle
Photo of Renos Hadjikyriacou

Renos Hadjikyriacou

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Let me ask in another way: If this image was not entered in Animals but in Digital art, would it be recatigorized in Animals?????
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Sometimes it's hard to predict what the Report Team would do :-)

If I saw this in Digital Art, I would probably report it as being in the wrong category. The spider looks realistic to me. Overcooked, but not enough to make it surreal or an artful interpretation of a spider as opposed to a realistic one.

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