When Will the 2018 Animals and Photogs of the Year Be Awarded, Please?

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May We Ask When Will the 2018 Animals and Photogs of the Year Be Awarded, Please?

Many are becoming disheartened by the long waits for the yearlies; tending to participate less. The primary reason to participate is the awards, and for your loyal members, the yearly and banner awards are the primary incentive to submit frequently as well as promote the website by encouraging others to join and increase membership.

Everyone Loves Awards! Knowing when awards will be given and then receiving them on time is very satisfying. In discussions with other members, we would greatly appreciate having the yearly awards scheduled on a regular published calendar, like the daily and weekly awards are. This seems to be a modest expectation, especially for paid members, to have the awards manually calculated on a regular schedule until automation is achieved.

Thank you, and have a great day!

Raphael RaCoon Brandsma
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Raphael RaCoon

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Posted 7 months ago

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Michael Moore

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I agree with Raphael, this I think is contributing to a loss in participation.

I recall Scott stating this was in hand, so an update would be appreciated.

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Carl Albro

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I also agree with Raphael.  This was the same issue last year.

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Chatenet Gérard

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I totally agree with you, Raphael, and if my memory serves me correctly, this is not the first time we’ve posted a memo together about this problem.
The problem has remained constant for two years, and each year we get the annual awards, in the third quarter of the following year, instead of the first as in the past. This is hopeless.
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Garry Chisholm

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Totally agree with Raphael. As a daily contributor I find it extremely frustrating that, here we are in August 2019 and I still don't know where I finished in 2018. Ideally the banners should appear within a month of the final points being awarded which, if memory serves ,me correctly means we should be seeing these around May.
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Jasenka, Official Rep

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Hi all, please check Scott's reply about yearly awards here: https://getsatisfaction.com/pixoto/to...

"Scott Murphy (Official Rep) 12 days ago

Hey guys, we ran into a few issues which are now fixed, but want to make sure everything is running smoothly before we send out so many email notifications. We will target next week for the new send date for 1/2 of the remaining categories. We sent out Monthly awards today."
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Ad Spruijt

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Exactly Jasenka, that's why members expected an update a week ago already for those remaining categories
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Dennis Ba

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As was the case last year, a lengthy delay in issuing rewards diminishes the credibility of the site's very premise, founded upon competition as it is.  A logical byproduct of a lengthy delay is reduced interest and participation of Pixoto's members.  Though there may be other issues needing resolution here at Pixoto, few are as compelling as the need to issue achievement awards in a timely fashion. 
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Raphael RaCoon

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Dennis eloquently nutshells what I also consider to be the Prime Directive for Pixoto; on time issuance of awards based on a published schedule. The increased satisfaction this will create seems a great way to encourage participation, word of mouth membership expansion, increased competitiveness against other well designed photo sites; increased market share, increased paid pro membership, increased add and merch revenue.
I am grateful to Pixoto. It's Prime Directive has helped me improve my skills with the carrot incentive of winning bigger awards and leaderboard rank. The yearlies are the pinnacle of bragging rights!
I am rooting for Pixoto's continued success.
Go Pixoto!
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Raphael RaCoon

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Two weeks ago we asked; When Will the 2018 Animals and Photogs of the Year Be Awarded, Please?

The original ‘tentative’ for Animals was 6/13/19. Minor delays were then stated, and the last notice I can find is;

“Scott Murphy (Official Rep) 1 month ago
Hi Jennifer, we had to get the contest changes out. I will commit to doing one this week and the last one the following week.”

May your loyal members have a firm date commitment?

What makes Pixoto a prime choice out of the myriad of other photo sites is the major awards for head to head competition. This is the point of continued enthusiasm; the reason we duel and continue paying for Pro.

Could we know if automation for the yearlies is a part of all the many site updates?

Could you assign a person this week to focus on manually calculating these all important yearly awards?

We would all be grateful and satisfied!
Thank you

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