What is the leaderboard for ?

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What is the leaderboard for ? stop me if i am wrong but :

We are all called players, and we are all supposed to submit our best images to duel against other members, the aim of which is to gain points in daily, weekly and monthly contests,

The points are allotted and rank us in order of merit on the "leaderboard" over the course of the year depending on how well we perform we gain or lose position ultimatelly the aim is to reach the top of the "leaderboard"

Pixoto sends us statistics weekly to help us understand our position, how well we are doing win loss ratio and our positiion both internationally and in our own location.

Then at the end of the year after spending 52 weeks playing there game in a manner they decide, we are told the "leaderboard" has no relevance at all in fact its the only thing on pixoto that carries no points awards or recognition for the achievements over the last year !

In fact the statement that sticks to mind most made in another thread is :

"That said the point totals on the leaderboard will have NO BEARING on the results for Best of 2012 " !!

So what is the leaderboard for and why are we encouraged to achieve our best on it ?
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Posted 8 years ago

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Ralph - I'm sorry for the confusion and frustration. The Top Players page is a persistent thing that will always be there. If you accumulate enough points to be on the top for 2012 - you will always be listed in that position (as long as you don't delete or resubmit the images that got you there). It is given great prominence on the site with a full navigation item.

That said - the player leaderboard is also heavily influenced by the quantitiy of submitted images. As another measure that is less focused on quantity and more exclusively on quality we hand out The Best Photographers of the Year as a special distinction. It is based on the average of your top 10 photos in each category for 2012. We did the exact same thing in 2011 as well.

I hope this helps.
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The issue of quantity and quality is one that keeps coming up on this site, i agree there is an issue but in animals as an example that i know about,

There are over 16500 photographers all aiming for the top 10 places, i realize they do not all enter every day, week or even month but the the fact still remains 10 positions worth the effort the rest less so, some excuse the punn but pointless.?

There is no way anyone is going to raise or maintain the top position on 10 & 20% awards, so positions can only be held with quality not quantity ! An achievement worthy of some recognition, admitedly it is not in the same league as the top photographer of the year.

I realize it was the same for 2011 but i was fairly new to the site then and less willing to stick my neck out ? we also didnt have this site to fall back on

Aother point that is considerably different to 2011, the quantity envolved 16500+ in 2012 compared to 2500 aproximatelly in 2011, 6 times as many all aiming for the same 10 places !
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Points from Top x% of the Day (or Week or even Month) awards may be negligible, but points from Top x% of the YEAR awards are most definitely not. So, unfortunately, top positions on the leader board can indeed be held with quantity.
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If that was the case it would be impossible to gain or maintain the position that you might achieve at one point in the year, ! unless there was quality too
Pixoto might deem it fit to support the top 10 images with worthwhile points and not the rest but that dosnt mean the 11th place and down are not good quality too and if the quality is good enough to gain and maintain a high position then quantity is erelivant,
That said there is a point that some togs seem to cross with similar images because it works but thats not always a quality issue either !

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