What is an ImageScore?

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ImageScore is generated from our proprietary algorithms and is meant to summarize how well the image has done against other images in its category and subcategory. Once an image has competed in sufficient duels the higher the score the higher the perceived quality. ImageScore is recalculated at the end of every ImageDuel. Factors that determine how much ImageScore changes include the number of ImageDuels completed and the relative strength of the opponent.

Our goal is not to find the relative position of all images but instead to find the relative position of the BEST images. It is not important to us whether an image rates 50 or 51 out of 100. We really only want to put that image in generally the right area of the leaderboard and will stop dueling images that we can say with confidence are not in the top 10%. By contrast it is important that we understand whether an image ranks number 3 or 4 out of 100 and will use a disproportionate number of ImageDuels to determine this.

Important Note: ImageScores are calculated only within categories and subcategories and can be compared across categories. So for example an image with an image score of 650 in weddings is NOT by definition better than an image with a score of 600 in Landscape & Nature.
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I am seeing that images in the 550+ and 600+ categories are duelling a lot less than other lower ranked images. Does this mean that I am still not eligible for the top 10% category somehow?
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I don't think I'm clear on the issue you are having. Can you post links to the images in question and we can investigate?
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how often is the top 10 and 20 % awards given daily weekly?
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On the dual image history I often see that photo's are dueled against each other from different subcatagories. Why is this happening?
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Ok. They say that the subcategories are just for us to help us organize the pictures.
There some aberrations though especially in the People category where the women, fashion subcategories are 99% young sexy women in a tiring repetition of postures.
As discussed before there should be a separate category for models just as there is one for children.
It does not make a lot of sense as far as the duels "with higher" quality pictures goes.
I am assuming that the initial assessment by the algorithm (the one that keeps on pausing your duels) has something to do with it.
Yet, I have a number o pictures that did well but that were paused 10 times or more.
Then there are the waves of downvoting where a picture is brought down by 20-,30 or more votes in less than 24 hours. How does that make sense??
It does in a way because people from Indonesia, lets say, like different things than those from Europe or US. So I boost my pictures only after 1.00 PM usually (EST) so that I can have an opinion (votes) from people that see things the way I do. I do not discriminate it just makes sense.
Good luck and good shooting.
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Hi John, I think Jasenka helped in another thread. This thread is 2 years old,

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