what the hell pixoto. images paused the moment they are uploaded. fix this damned site already!

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what the hell Pixoto! why are images being paused the moment of upload? fix this damn site already and do away with the duels. let people pick the photos they want. your algorithms are not working!
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Posted 5 years ago

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"In order for you to acquire enough images into a specific
category so that you win $150\ week you have to have enough followers
willing to supply 7,500 images"

"people like Carl Sieswono Purwanto followers 4197 not
always because they like his work but because they have to supply
enough images per week to support his needs to have enough images
in that category so that he goes home with the $150 "

I am simple-minded and naive but how do you really think this grand theory de facto works ???
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Jasenka - you know full well that the issues are MUCH bigger than that....my last two images were posted in Abstract/Fireworks, and were both paused after six duels. The fact that they were, within six duels, duelled against images in both cases that were reported for being incorrectly classified, just adds to the pain of dealing with the inequalities of your site. You reward, financially!, those who exploit the rules, much to the detriment of every 'normal' user. Until I hear from a reliable third party that you've got this in hand, I won't be uploading any more images to your site. That's a pity, because you had a great idea when you set up, but offering money for breaking the rules just screwed the whole thing up. Stop the rewards, and make any financial gain from the site SOLELY by means of sales of images in whatever form, and ALL the problems will go away. Who in their right mind would want to buy several thousand images of the same purple and yellow water lily.
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As has been discussed ad nauseam, six duels is no where near enough to determine the likelihood of an image's success. If the average number of duels is 100, its only six percent. Its pretty darned easy to hit a string of voters who either don't pay attention or are voting up (or down) images, and have several losses in a row. I have two images right now at the top of the leader board which both had to be resubmitted at least once, and that's just today. I totally get that this is Pixoto's way of frustrating members into paying for Pro accounts, but if your mission is to have the best photos at the top of the board, its a total fail. Members here are constantly complaining about this. You might think at some point, you people would listen.

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