What kind of community contests should we not allow?

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We've received some feedback that certain types of community contests on Pixoto are "not fun" and don't add value. What types of contests do you think we shouldn't allow?
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Posted 5 years ago

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The contests should be specific:

Macro - objects or plants or insects, nature
Landscapes: sunsets/sunrises/water/refections/country/deserts/green/trees etc etc
people: at work/play/nude/men/women/sporting
buildings/old/modern/functional/derelict/lines/b&w etc etc

remove all the following:

under 500/in may/june/july, 500-600, your best, your worst, no awards, anything type contests, The letter A-Z, new flower uploads (what a waste of time), your favorites

Contests with less than 500 entries by the start of contest start date should be removed. This would also help in removing too specific contests such as....bad hair day/frangipani flowers/femail cardinal birds

A photographer cannot submit more than 2 submissions per contest.
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1) Community contests should have a specific and concrete theme. Anything general should NOT be allowed. No "your best image", "images submitted this week" "images with scores above 400", "images that make you feel good", etc. None of those. For example, Pixoto does not need an "images submitted during the week of...." contest -- we already have the Best of the Week for that.

2) Community contests should be limited to one at a time per moderator. If a contest is either in the submission stage or the voting stage, that moderator should not be able to create a new contest.

IF the general themes are disallowed AND the moderators are limited to one contest at a time, I don't think there is a need to cap the credits earned by moderating a contest. However, those credits should not be given to the moderator until sufficient feedback is received from the participants -- say, a week after the moderator-rating emails are sent out. If a moderator gets a low rating on a contest, I think they should not receive the credits.
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I like this suggestion mostly but I would go further. I think you need a cap on credits earned and there should be a limit to how many you can create for the year.
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I agree that there should be a limit for the year too, definitely, but I think that rather than cap the moderator credits to a set number, members should be limited as to how many entries they can have per challenge. The result of that would be less entries from many members (such as those who submit 30 or 40 or even 50 per challenge) resulting in a natural reduction of credits to the moderator.

This way, the moderator isn't "penalized" for creating a great challenge. If, for example, someone creates a really popular and terrific challenge and members can only enter five photos each and the challenge still gets several hundred entries, I think the moderator should have those credits (if he/she gets a good rating from the participants, that is). I would rather see members limited on the number of challenge entries :-)
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I think all of the above are excellent answers as what community contests should not be allowed.

As to what should be allowed, this would be my suggestion:

There are 22 categories in Photography, excluding uncategorized, which is just one big cluster f**k. I would like to see one challenge allowed per week in each category. Pixoto could make the choice as to what challenges will be used every week, and the thoughtful and different challenges can be stockpiled for use during the year. That means there will only be 22 challenges posted per week, which will significantly cut down on voting problems for categorized contests. Everyone has at least one particular category they favor and have a chance every week to participate in that challenge as well as any of the others. To me, this seems like a logical win-win. Pixoto will make sure there are not duplicate challenges posted in any category, which will keep the interest alive in challenges and help strengthen it's acceptance. The win-win comes when those who like community challenges can participate in their favorite category, as well as any others, while Pixoto will finally stop hearing about voting problems, since 22 challenges per week should not cut significantly into daily and weekly category contests for those who like to participate in the contest that was the original draw to this site.

I would also add that for each community challenge, submissions should be limited to a maximum of three per contest per person.
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Thank you all.  After discussing this with my team, and based on your feedback, we have decided to now enforce new guidelines for community contests (effective in about a week).  The guidelines we have decided on are:


  • Must have a concrete and specific theme

  • May not have a theme that mimics a Pixoto category or subcategory

  • May not have a theme related to ImageScore, Awards or any other Pixoto quality

  • Must have a title that reflects the theme

  • Must have a clear description that fully elaborates on the theme

Any contest that doesn't fit into these guidelines will be removed from the contest directory.  We will also be looking out for moderators that abuse the contest system and do not provide a good experience (as opposed to just relying on the moderator rating).  While this level of monitoring will be a costly endeavor we feel that based on the feedback we have received it is well worth while.  Our back of the envelope calculation is that this would disqualify about 50% of the contests currently running.  We will monitor the effect that this has on the quality of community contests and may go further if we feel it is required. 
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Thank you for acting Jason. This will certainly help and I think its a major improvement for the site.
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Thanks for taking all the above steps.
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Sir Jason may i add 1 guideline, please. A moderator has at least 10,000 credits. the option is, they will buy credit or they will vote. And they must have at least 500 photos in there profile. The reason i add these because i checked some moderators they are not active in submitting photos in this site some or most of them have less than 500 photos.
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Despite my earlier comments, I wish the new changes and any subsequent alterations well.

Observing progress will be interesting
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Hi Jason, I really like Charlie's suggestion above (A moderator has at least 10,000 credits. the option is, they will buy credit or they will vote.) wouldn't it be nice to combine that with the new guidelines?

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