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i think folks are voting for lesser quality images to improve their odds of winning....since we can see those we duel against its kinda obvious, is my work perfect NO, but no way a blurry poorly composed shot should beat a good composition that is sharp and appealing.....i don't there a way for admin to see this too? seems a bit unfair to me....
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Posted 9 years ago

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Jackie - couple points based on your assessment above:

1) 75% of the votes on Pixoto come from photographers who have won awards - we think we've got the best voting pool out there.
2) If you try to choose the lower ranked image so that you bring down the votes of a higher ranked image - we will catch you. We have very sophisticated algorithms to detect this. You won't know we've caught you though.
3) if you vote randomly (i.e. with a bot or software) your votes have no impact on the overall score of images and our algorithms will catch you. (but you won't know it)
4) not every vote placed on Pixoto counts the same. Some don't count at all. This is the only way we can stop the type of cheating you describe above.
5) In general, when all is said and done, Pixoto members vote remarkably closely to each other.

I hope this helps
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Everyone sees things differently... it's all subjective... "one person's junk is another person's treasure"...and, you're not gonna get rich on this site anyway... Just enjoy it and have fun :-) JMHO
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Remember, voting is left to anyone. The voting audience changes by the minute, depending on who's logged on at the time. Additionally, the negative impact on voting seems (from what I've seen) to occur at the very beginning. Once you get up to about 500 points it looks like it takes more than one loss of the same picture to have an effect; however, when an image is just starting out in a duel (at say, less than 100 points), one bad vote seems to impact it more, causing it to fail quickly. But, there is something I've learned to circumvent this problem.

Since the voting audience changes by the minute, what I've found useful is to merely resubmit my images if they don't do well in voting. I resubmit failed photos at different times of the day, and sometimes wait a day or more before resubmitting them. It requires you first delete the photos and get more points by dueling, but it has worked for me. If after submitting failing photos 3 times and they continue to fail with bad scores, chances are (IMHO), the scores are likely accurate.

As an example, the other day I submitted 3 similar photos of ice in a glass using time exposure and light painting. These 3 are currently at the top of my recent's at:

Upon the first submission, one pic rose to 500 points in less than an hour, where the other 2, which are nearly identical, could not even reach 200 points. I waited until the next morning, then resubmitted the failing two photos, but they were failing again. I waited a few hours and resubmitted those failed 2 again, and now they are doing well; in fact, the one that was failing the most now has the highest score of all three shots.

My advice is to resubmit failed photos, which will raise your chances of getting fair voters. If after resubmitting a few times your photos are still failing, then perhaps you need to take a closer look at your work. In fact, I'd be more than willing to critique anyone's pictures, and give my unbiased opinion on how it compares to other pics it may be failing against. Feel free to contact me with the URL's of the two pics, and I'll give you my two cents :) This, btw, is something I suggested Pixoto do for their members, allowing people to get advice from other photographers. Until they do it, I'd be more than happy to help where I can (I'm no Nat Geo photog, but I'll be happy to give my view if you'd like).

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I for one appreciate the offer of unbiased criticism of what I may be doing wrong. I love doing this, but am no professional. I find that this site makes me look at what I am doing more critically and to try harder to present a more polished image, and for that I am grateful.
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Check out this decision...

This won:

against this:

I mean.... what? And there are tons of examples.

Voting should be restricted to only those who have won awards, and untill you have won an award, your voting should either a) not count or b) count about 5 times less. If something isn't done then pixoto is going to get a bad reputation and photographers will simply vote with their feet when it comes to the site, because someone else will do the same voting concept (it's hardly difficult to program).

I vote: change the system!
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I think points should not decrease on photo's that way all points earned are kept and it would make it harder to get top photos knocked down in rank due to people voting on bad photos to get higher in ranks
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And if the vote was not anonymous?
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In response to the guaranteed 100 duels for going pro being an advantage, it isn't always. I have photos that have actually dropped in score because they were kept in the dueling pool. The knife cuts both ways.

I just went pro because I am nosy and want to see exactly which pictures I am losing to.
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I totally agree with you Susan - and if honesty prevails we will have photos reaching a certain level then perhaps +/- a few places then stay on that plateau.

I have to admit I have lost to some really poor examples and also won on images that imho I should not have they were infinitely better than mine.

I am guessing - random clicking :(

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Or drinking while dueling, or 8 year old kids are voting, hence the kitten and stuffed rabbit photo beating out the technically brilliant photo. Who knows? People are unpredictable.
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I agree 100% I see dog shit winning over great work all the time! It seems if there is a fishers net or a malaysian girl in the pic you get a score of 600 plus. This site is bull shit!!
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Agree 100% as well, no longer post on Pixoto