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Is it normal that photos that are being voted on for "photo of the day" have to duel against photos that have already been awarded many times, belong to "best photographers of the year" and are popping up again all the time even though they have been uploaded ages ago? That kind of defeates the notion of "photo of the day", don't you think? Why aren't only photos that were REALLY uploaded on the same day entered into those duels?
Another thing...when I have a hard time reaching a high score and have under 100 duels, it can take days before I finally get them. But curiously, while some people are buying more duels once they have reached 100, because they try to improve their score, I don't have to do anything! My "winning" photos keep duelling long after 100 has been reached and are doing so obviously much more often than my fresh photos, and usually until the initial score has been completely destroyed (very frustrating to see your 1 in a 1000 score go down to the 700 club or even below within 24 hours). Again, what is the point of that? It's almost like someone wins a gold medal in the Olympics, and then the next "champion" comes along and just because he's better than you, he takes your medal away? That's not how it works, you should be able to keep your medal just like you do in sports. If you left the winning photos alone once they have reached the required number of duels, it would give more chances for the newcomers to shine! It's not like you don't have enough material to feed the duels, that you should have to bring back old stuff all the time.
And despite your policy of not allowing "very similar photos", I keep duelling against photos that look VERY similar to me and have been around longer than I have. I have to confess that I get biaised and vote against those photos, I'm so FED UP of seeing the same lotuses, Asian women with Indian headdresses, the same kids frollicking in the mud and the same railway tracks. That also sort of defeates the intention of anonymity during voting, right? Perhaps something needs to be changed...this has become a joke.
I have noticed many people are closing their accounts these days...wonder why.
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Yup - I've pretty much stopped uploading images (and voting) since I realised that the 'Photo of the Day' awards mean absolutely nothing. The whole duel system needs rethinking IMO, and a few more people tackling the issue of 'similar' images wouldn't come amiss either. It's VERY unlikely to happen though, because there appears to be one moderator (Jasenka) and one 'Owner' of the site (Jason) and from what I've seen they seem to have some difficulty communicating with each other.

Most other forums that I frequent have the ability to promote trusted users to the rank of moderator, who can remove duplicate posts, answer questions etc. I'd be interested to know whether that's something that's been looked at here, but I suspect not.

The site is a faint shadow of what it COULD be, but until some effort is put into improving it, what we see is what we're going to get I fear.
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Thank you for suggestion Tim.
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Hi Cailin, photos are dueled to find their overal position on category leaderboard amongst all photos. In the process of finding their position on overal leaderboard daily, weekly, monthly and yearly awards are assigned.

Photos duel all the time, and photos that have higher ranking duel more then ones with lower ranking.

Please see How Pixoto works here:

Specifically this part: "The highest rated unpaused images on the site will end up with four times (or more) duels than the lowest. "

i hope this helps.

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