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The current system detects and penalizes people for poor voting, but there is always room for improvement. User interaction will help aid the system in detecting malicious users faster.

Here is the outline for Duel System v3.0
- Improved User Interface
- Favorite Button on Duel Images
- Back Button in Duel System
- Report Vote button
- User can only report X number of Votes per day
- User must meet certain qualifications to be able to report votes.
- User Moderated Report System
- Moderators Must Meet Certain Qualifications
- Submitted at least X number of images with an average score of X or above.
- Can not Moderate their own votes.
- Must have a consensus of more than 1 moderator or Pixoto Staff
- Penalization based on number of Violations
Point Deduction
Voting Suspension
Account Suspension
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Posted 2 years ago

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Planned for Release on or before the following Business Quarter.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Button for reporting repeatedly bad voters..

I am pretty new to this site, but like so many others I have already felt the frustration of "bad" voting. I suppose this has been suggested before, but here's my suggestion of how to deal with this issue.

When looking at the latest ImageDuels, each member should also be given the option of "reporting" a badly cast vote for any given duel. I know, votes are subjective and people experience art and photography differently, but if the same voter gets a certain number of complaints - say thirty? - from individual users, this would be a pretty strong indication of something fishy going on and one could look into the votes cast by this member or simply take immediate action (say a one week suspension with a warning). If your taste is that bad, there's always flickr.

We all cherish our own photos, and I know that some people actually DO prefer a blurry photo of a running Schaefer to a close up of a roaring lion (forgot to get the url of that one, unfortunately), but some of these duels are outrageously ridiculous and probably the reason so many decent photographers are jumping ship on this site.

Here's a couple of my own examples.
Lost to this:

I'd say this is pretty bonkers as well, but I guess this one is more debatable:
Lost to this:

Kitch is alive and well, proven by this:
Losing to both this:
And this:

One of my personal favorites:
Was no match for this photo of... fishnets?:
Or this blurry wall:

And lastly, this:
Obviously doesn't stand a chance against stellar stuff like this:

Sorry for all the toes I have probably stepped on at this point, but seriously. Come on people.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Fair voting? Did anyone consider option of reporting Bad Voting!?.

I don't mind loosing in imagedual, even if the winner photo is not (in mine oppinion) better, but sometimes I wonder about fair voting? And I don't consider my self a pro, I just like taking pictures ... But this is rediculous (and I notice that it happening a lot) ...

My image:

Lost against:

Don't have anything against the author of this photo, but ... is this fair voting?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled The Pixoto Artistry Engine's VOTE-QUALITY CONTROL.

The Pixoto Artistry Engine's VOTE-QUALITY CONTROL

**Copyright and patent some of these terms and methods.I have no use for them.

Pixoto uses a “subject-appeal inhibitor” to focus the voters’ attention away from subject of picture, hopefully redirecting toward its artistic merit. That engine's core is the "category/sub-category" organization of the photo database. Thanks to that tool, I don’t have to depend on the dog fanatic to choose my stunningly artistic mountain photo over a snapshot of an adorable puppy . More important, it saves photographers who are true artists from endless frustration.

P R E M I S E:
The missing element is Automated Enforcement of Artistic Merit.

Enhancements To The Pixoto Artistry Engine

• Reduce member complaints about obvious bad voting attributable to subject appeal.
• Automatically train newbies and veterans on Pixoto's voting standards.
• Routinely remind all voters to focus on Artistry over subject.
• Automatically trap robo-voters.

1.) EDUCATION: Train current and prospective members in Artistry vs Subject. Remind voters through permanently ongoing Artistry Check Duels.

2.) CERTIFICATION: Each Voter occasionally proves the ability to choose artistry over cute.

3.) ENFORCEMENT: Every 50 to 100 IMAGEDUELS, the each voter gets a stealth ARTISTRY CHECK DUEL.

The Training App: “Intro to Vote-Quality Control”. Present a carefully designed batch of “quality vs cute” IMAGEDUELs focused on training the user to select artistry over subject matter. After each vote the Voter sees the correct answer and an explanation.

The Training App Testing continues until the voter meets The Minimum Consecutive Correct Votes, or gives up. Failure prevents voting until the voter has a successful retake.

Vote-Quality Control is active in all voting, forever. After a Quality Control vote, a display pops up announcing the test result. If failed, the voter must re-take the “Intro to Vote-QC” app training. Vote-QC appearance rate should be adjustable.On success, award IMAGEDUEL points. On fail, suspend voting privileges until voter gets a passing score on a re-take.

A short-list of Implementation needs:
Add new photo database fields:
1.) Quality Control Test Photo, on/off.
2.) QC test photo, a 3-digit whole number.

Select contest photos:
1.) Target: The obviousness of the choice has to balance between 'well, duh' and 'ummm. errr.' Educate, do not frustrate.
2.) In the DB, tag subject-matched pairs: Artistic vs subject-focused.

I have been thinking about NO FAIR! for years, composing rough drafts for months. Over the last week I spent between 30 and 60 hours, losing track of time, streamlining, normalizing, streamlining, rewriting, streamlining. It's been a fun, engrossing experience.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled About bad voting, once again....

Once again I must signal bad and careless voting, just one instance:
this image
won the duel against this image

Just and example and I have hundreds others, this is really a mockery, the first image is not even in the right category, let alone it cannot be called a photo, and if I report it I get an automated answer that nothing can be changed since it is over 6 months old.
This is not fair for those people on this site who are serious about their work.