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If this is a way to find the best photos, there should be a way to thin out the worst. Some should never have been posted.
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Greg Knudsen

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Posted 7 years ago

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Sherry Andreason

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Hi Greg,

By voting in the duels for the best images you effectively do vote down the bad ones. Just try to keep in mind we have every level of photographer here from beginner to advanced artist, so there is a huge range on skill level.
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As we discussed some months ago, it might be good to have a "-1" instead just a "+1" or a "0" (skip).

It might help differentiate more quickly between the images which we do not think belong on the site.
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Bad voters could effect the leaderboard by this kind of voting. A good picture could go drastically down too.
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Sandra Veech

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That is a very good point Dipali!
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Jess Trudeau

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Just because someone thinks a photo is *bad* does not mean everyone will feel the same way. Obviously there are plenty of very skilled photographers using Pixoto. Personally, if you are so good that you feel less skilled photo shots don't belong on the site then perhaps a *professionals only* category would suffice rather than ousting those that want to learn and grow.
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Ralph Harvey

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The system works as it is, good images go up bad don't and as Sherry says we do have different levels of photographers here !

Remember we were all there once and it is better to learn by our mistakes rather than being effectively booted out because someones image is not good enough !

If it isn't broke don't fix it
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Jess Trudeau

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I started out taking horrible pics with my Iphone. I am by NO means a professional but thanks to this site I have improved enough to justify buying a Nikon. Like other posters, there is a novice category and I use it! I think Pixoto has a great format for all levels. Not sure I would care for a *dislike* option as I wouldn't want to be discouraging people from trying their best and learning from mistakes.
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Ralph Harvey

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Well put Jess
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Janette Fraser

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The best way to grow a community is to be inclusive, not exclusive.

I think it would be nice if the novice category had their own forum or talking shop where they could share tips, encouragement and observations about improving their shots. Pro's might wish to go on occasionally a lend a bit of friendly advice too, and we probably have some art & photography teachers in the community that would gravitate quite naturally towards participating on a novice forum.

Just thinking out loud here... ;-)

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