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What is the uncategorised category for? Right now its filled with shots that do fit in other categories?
I've just read the description...and confess I wonder why it's there. I presume it still costs the same amount of credits to enter, and for that you gain nothing? Do you get awards...which also seems wrong.
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Posted 6 years ago

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To me, this doesn't build Pixoto up, it instead drags it down. By allowing duplicates in this category, Pixoto has immediately created an unfair playing field. It's hard for me to comprehend how it can be thought that competing in that atmosphere is something that is "fun".

And to then award those who don't have to play fair with the exact same award that the rest of us earn legitimately is, frankly, insulting to everyone who plays by the rules.

If someone wants to upload a lot of images but doesn't have the time to categorize them properly, then they certainly don't have a lot of pride in their work and absolutely are doing it only as a lark. That should be discouraged, not encouraged!

This also raises another question: if someone can upload a lot of images, where did they get the credits to do so? If they've got the time to vote in the duels to rack up the credits, then they've got the time to properly categorize their uploads.

I realize that people do struggle over categories. To me, the answer is to make that easier rather than side-stepping and avoiding the category issue by getting them to lump their photos into one big free-for-all. For those who are legitimately fussed over what category to choose, it would have made a lot more sense, in my opinion, for Pixoto to create a category called Pending, which would cost zero credits to upload to, until the actual category is chosen of course, where the photos would sit (maybe for a while) and not duel until they get categorized by either a Pixoto staff member or even create trusted members of the community who could have access to choosing the category for photos in Pending. Heck, you don't even have to go that far -- just create a Pending category that has a field for category suggestions for each photo in it and encourage all of to regularly check the Pending category to help. Encourage staff members to do so as well. The person uploading the photo could read those suggestions to help them make their decision and then spend their 10 credits to upload the photo.
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I also imagine that it costs 10 credits to post in this, should a person make a mistake, or realise they want in a proper category, then it will cost them a further amount of credits to move it?
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Just another nail in the coffin for Pixoto, the site really is becoming a joke and people are actually paying good money to use it. Well done Jason you have excelled this time.
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I think Jason has totally lost the plot.
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Uncategorized category? Even the name is contradictory... I think it's a bad idea. If you don't have the time to categorize your images, then there's something wrong with the way you relate to your work. If Pixoto wants to offer the Market quality images, this is definitely not the way to do it.
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Really can't see the point in this......
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Neither can anyone else.
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Jason, please give this a thought:
You asked for feedback in one of the earlier contributrions to this discussion.
well you got it (given all the feed back in this tread) and it's not positive.
You als stated "that in order to make a revolutionary product you have to take chances and try things", This true in itself, but in the world of innovation the wrong way to go is "disruptive innovation”: trying to sell selling cheaper or poorer-quality product resulting in a destroying your market.
Well you took the chance, tried something and it turned out to be a wrong choice (given all feed back).
Might it not be time to reconsider the choice you made regarding "uncategorized" images to avoid destroying your own Pixioto market opportunities....
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There have been many changes on here, some for the better, some for the worse, but I can honestly say this is the worst one ever! Please remove this "category" as soon as possible!!!
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if people don't have the time for categorizing an image (which takes seconds) they aren't going to have time to vote properly either.. a bit worrying. And if people are going to be uploading hundreds or thousands (?!) of images at once they are most likely going to be voting blindly to get enough credits.. the voting seems off lately anyway this isn't going to help

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