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Can I suggest that you prevent voting on an Image duel in the first 3 or 4 seconds of the images appearing? Personally, I like to think I take enough time to evaluate both images fully and vote honestly but I wonder if voting accuracy suffers as a result of quickly clicking through the duels to rack up some points in a hurry. If you are forced to wait a couple of seconds, maybe you would be more likely to make a more thorough appraisal? Just a thought.
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Posted 8 years ago

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I like this Idea. Sometimes I click on the one that I really did not mean to click on.. Super Idea
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This is what I've observed about my own voting....Sometimes I'm so sure of my vote as soon as the images appear, I click quickly, other times I take a while to ponder and sometimes I skip because I really can't decide or they're both of such poor quality (imho), or one is in the wrong category and I feel it's an unfair duel, I also tend to skip the sub-category I enter in most and depending on what mood I'm in, images that irritate me....rightly or wrongly!Occasionally, I too, click on one I don't mean to, but that's down to human error.... or maybe haste, but when they take ages to load I quite often give up voting altogether for a while!
I feel if there was an enforced delay some people would still just click aimlessly and others may get fed up with voting and go through less duels, so I guess I'm not too keen on the idea. :)
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I know that there have been times when I have clicked wrong.. where I instinctively hovered over the one that caught my eye first and sometimes have clicked before I truly get a good look at the second photo and have regretted that I didnt vote for the other.. however, for myself, I know that I have limited time and dont spend moments on each photo unless both are awesome photos.. but we seldom get two awesome photos up against each other.. so I am ready to move on with the dueling.. but they lose me when the photos take a long time to load...I have little patience for things like that, I always do things very fast.. .so when the photos take looooong to load.. I just quit pixoto and do something else.
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I agree to a large extent with this. I was starting to think about a "oops, I made the wrong choice, can I go back and choose again" option, but know that this isn't really the solution.

I agree with JoAnn, that I sometimes get drawn to a particular picture first, but on clicking see the other and realise I have erred...

However 3-4 seconds just isn't web-friendly, and not what users of a website want as part of their experience.

Another option might be to randomly place the voting button on each image, so that you have to hunt for it..!
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I agree that perhaps 3 or 4 seconds is excessive but I don't honestly think that anyone can check the category that they are voting on and then evaluate the category relevance and image quality of 2 photos thoroughly in under 2 seconds. That at least might help avoid conscientious voters instinctively jumping the gun, and those of a more selfish nature just flying through without even looking.
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A back button would resolve this.

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