This really needs to be addresses to take this seriously or you have been hacked.

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I'm new to this...yep just today. As I voted I notice a definite level for most of the pics. Sure I agree there is room for taste but then I started to open the best of pics. I saw the same pictures from the same photographer, same model, same Indian headdress same airbrush same edit, same crop all rated in the 700's bla bla bla. WAIT some were turned into B&W and still in the 700's. If we are going to take this seriously and feel comfortable that you are on the up and can this happen. In some shots all she did is turn her head an inch and still rates 700 for the same pic. Notice I did not say anything about the quality of editing...individual taste I'm sure and I'll leave that up to others to judge but in my book these are the same pictures for the last year...well almost. There is a model that has the same headdress on as 8 months before. 8 months ago she scored in the 600's only the editor forgot to take out her bloodshot pink eye and she still is scored in the 600.

I saw this below...after you look at this photographers can this be true.

Officially the new rule will be:
NO VERY SIMILAR IMAGES: You may submit an unlimited number of images but each one must be substantially different from the others. You may however delete an image and resubmit it at any time. If reported, and we agree that the images are not distinct enough, the newer image will be deleted. This is critical for keeping the Pixoto community vibrant, exciting and fun.
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Posted 6 years ago

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Taking a look at the number 1 pic under people.

Here is another twist. First pic is number #1 when I looked under people. I was stuck on phone hold and decided to look at the leaderboard. You would think they are from all the same photog. NO NO NO. Each one is from a different photographer. Here are the names. HOW CAN THIS BE...if not factory type images.
Kopi Irenk 751, Eka's D'brandals 667, Khenced Chullund 613, Aloysius Bayurendra 591, Ricky Marcellino 575.
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Maybe that lady just walks on the street and all this paparazzi just happend to be around! Who knows?!
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Rusty.......Do not read to much into this, togs club together to cut down the cost of hiring a model for a photo shoot. In the UK there may be about 6-8 photographers on a particular shoot each given a turn at direction. Maybe only one of those togs submit images to Pixoto. In ID (Indonesia) there may be as many as 50 togs all shooting at the same time...with several togs all submitting images to Pixoto....... that is why the images all look the same. Boring as it is for the rest of us.
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Not only are they all photos of the same model but even the post-treatment/airbrushing is identical. If this is not factory photo, I don't know what is. There is no personality whatsoever in any of those pics. And you're right, Will, it's VERY boring.
I really do think the main problem here are the money prizes. All these people are obviously not here for the love of photography, but to make money. As much as I can understand their motivations, this should NOT be the place for it because it spoils it for all the photographers who just enjoy taking a good pic and competing fairly. Remove the money bait and maybe these togs will stop posting hundreds of identical photographs and get for a job.
Jason, I thought you said we would hear more about this? We're still waiting!
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Removing the cash prizes will remove the incentive to cheat. Its been suggested by many already.
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Basically Pixoto flip-flops on what its raison d'etre is. On Pixoto's link to its stock photos, and other the blurbs written on the internet, you'll find Pixoto bigged up as "The World's Best Stock Images - Millions of votes by real people"

When questioned about the hundreds of near duplicate images a few months back, Jason defended it by stating "First - we are primarily NOT a stock site - we'd like to increase this aspect of the business but currently it is just a small part of what we do" Followed by " Until our stock service takes off I would suggest not thinking about Pixoto as a great place to sell your images - but rather a great place to get feedback on your images and discover new and wonderful images from all over the world. "

However, a quick search on the web finds this:

" Jason B. Kiefer, the Company’s CEO, says there are four main reasons why Pixoto Stock provides a better experience than competing stock service.

Quality and speed: Every photo is rated by the Pixoto Community -- with the best showing up first
Fresh: New images can rise to the top in a matter of hours
Validated: Hundreds of people vote on each image
Unique: These aren’t your typical stock shots. Pixoto photographs are submitted by a community of over 100,000 professional and hobby photographers from around the world"

It then goes on to say " Pixoto’s revolutionary ImageDuel voting system aggregates millions of individual voter preferences to create “leaderboards” of the best images in the world"

They are NOT the best images in the world - that's a ludicrous statement! I'd say that Pixoto is suffering from delusions of grandeur ........ ;-)
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it might be an idea, instead of doing "similar photo" rule, change the way how the vote is being done. So say I got one 700 club photo in one category then if I put my next photo in the same category then you will start from lower than zero point, and it goes deeper and deeper every consecutive photos in the same category, which means it will discourage people to do the same again and again if that person would like only to get points at the same time still allowing people to do whatever they want to do. I agree, it is boring when see same kind of photos from the same person, but the thing is unless you follow a photographer, it will be very much difficult to know whether the photos is similar or not from particular photographers.
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I've been thinking for some time of cancelling my account here. Seems like now is as good a reason as any. It seems the owners of this site are not serious about enforcing their own rules.
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Come on. Let's be honest. Never did. If you see the admins are the first breaking the rules posting all the same in their accounts, having as many duels as they wish, awarding themselves... Take a look on the photographers of the year and ser how many are admins of the website. Either u accept that or not. It's simple!

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