This really needs to be addresses to take this seriously or you have been hacked.

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I'm new to this...yep just today. As I voted I notice a definite level for most of the pics. Sure I agree there is room for taste but then I started to open the best of pics. I saw the same pictures from the same photographer, same model, same Indian headdress same airbrush same edit, same crop all rated in the 700's bla bla bla. WAIT some were turned into B&W and still in the 700's. If we are going to take this seriously and feel comfortable that you are on the up and can this happen. In some shots all she did is turn her head an inch and still rates 700 for the same pic. Notice I did not say anything about the quality of editing...individual taste I'm sure and I'll leave that up to others to judge but in my book these are the same pictures for the last year...well almost. There is a model that has the same headdress on as 8 months before. 8 months ago she scored in the 600's only the editor forgot to take out her bloodshot pink eye and she still is scored in the 600.

I saw this below...after you look at this photographers can this be true.

Officially the new rule will be:
NO VERY SIMILAR IMAGES: You may submit an unlimited number of images but each one must be substantially different from the others. You may however delete an image and resubmit it at any time. If reported, and we agree that the images are not distinct enough, the newer image will be deleted. This is critical for keeping the Pixoto community vibrant, exciting and fun.
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Posted 6 years ago

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1) Stand next to wall

2) Bang head against it repeatedly

3) See step 1 and do over......
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As I'm sure you all are aware the photos show above do not fall into our definitions of "very similar images" for a variety of reasons (e.g. smiling in one and not the other, taken on different days, different model, one in B&W and one in Color, etc.). I do not think our definition is perfect but it also has been something that we can train our report team to moderate with some consistency.

That said - there is a undesirable by-product of our voting system. Certain images really register with a wide cross section of people and do well in voting. Some photographers then decide - well if the first one did well then maybe I should submit another. It will likely do well too - and will continue to do well each time a different variation is submitted. Since the voting is blind - this is the expected, and desired result.

Unfortunately for some photographers this has gone way overboard. Jasenka and I were talking earlier today and we are formulating a plan to alleviate this problem.

The essence is that we will have overrepresented subjects on a site wide basis and on an individual member basis. More on this later this week.
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Why do you keep replying with the same copy and pasted answer. You are making yourself look a fool. They ARE THE SAME subject with very minor changes. Your site is becoming mind boggling boring and only for the dim witted . You need to stop the rot and make substantial changes to keep your honest members with you.
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I've been thinking for some time of cancelling my account here. Seems like now is as good a reason as any. It seems the owners of this site are not serious about enforcing their own rules.
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Come on. Let's be honest. Never did. If you see the admins are the first breaking the rules posting all the same in their accounts, having as many duels as they wish, awarding themselves... Take a look on the photographers of the year and ser how many are admins of the website. Either u accept that or not. It's simple!

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