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I am faced with a situation today.

As most of you already know, my images are for the most part quite diversified. And I would like to keep it that way.

I'm not so fixed on making money through this site as I am wanting to be creative and free wheeling when it comes to the types of images I take. And I am not going to lose any sleep if someone else comes along and top dog of the day in this category or that.

I don't have anything to prove and I just don't think anyone reading this really cares anyway.

Most have their own axes to grind and for whatever agenda or reasons for doing so.

But what I am seeing is this constant bombardment by the folks up in the millionaires club here with picture after picture of the same exact kinds and styles of images over and over again without missing a beat, going to sleep -- some are being submitted 24x7.

They have a Terminator mentality, that's for certain.

Well I am not that insecure nor do I think anyone else reading this does either. We are day to day grind folks, we work 9 to 5 to support our families and photography is more of "something you do when you have some spare time".

Which brings me back to the beginning line.

I don't know what it means to be top dog here. Do you get your own free Lear Jet for a year? Have people take pictures for you and you slap you name on them?

Or be in such a paranoid state that every image produced has to have the same look and feel as the same thousands you've taken before?

I really don't know. Nor do I care to know.

What I do know is I am here in Minneapolis, MN on assignment with United Health Group and this is the day I get a free pass to romp around up here and take pictures.

Ponds are frozen, Geese are mating, life hasn't oozed back into the trees or plants around here quite yet and it isn't Mesa, AZ where I can run around in short sleeves and blue jeans.

But there's the very cool looking buildings, some really interesting and creating window displays, some Gorillas at the Como Park and tons of plant life and flowers inside. Also a new stadium is being constructed. I love trains, University campuses and and trains.

Plus, there's the usual cast of characters roaming about the streets like a bunch of movie extras in a virtual reality show.

What I was like to see -- instead of dueling or as an additional feature -- is a dynamically driven user submitted image wall that would all be able to see as well as make comments.

I think pot shots or my daily best would an awesome way to showcase our daily desire for recognition -- good or bad.
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Posted 6 years ago

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Redwar, if you do not care about accolades and being top dog, as you call it, for the day, month or year, then I think you should continue the diversity in your photography. To quote Polonius in Shakespeare's Hamlet, "to thine own self be true!"

You are seeing a plethora of similar images by the dozens and hundreds where people submit 20-50 images a day in one category. This is a result of the change last year in the way the top 20 photographers for the year in each category are chosen. The more images you submit in a category or categories which achieve a top ten or 5% status, the more points you obtain, and the year end tally is now all based on points.

A case in point: For 2014 I was awarded, in Pixoto's words, "Number 2 in the world in their category." The category being Animals. It was nice to get that award and show my facebook friends and family, but beyond that it is pretty meaningless, to me, anyways. In no way do I delude myself in thinking I am No. 2 in the world in Animal photography, with all the great animals togs we have on Pixoto. Whether you like the new system or not it is probably here to stay with the resulting flood of entries, which, of course, should make the owners of Pixoto happy at 10 credits a pop.

As far as a wall of your photos, you already have that if one goes to your profile and can see the entire diversity and range of photos you take.
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Thank you John!

I've been having a lot of fun with my new Digital camera. From the digital world point of view, I'm just a new kid on the block and have much to learn with respect to the potential a digital SLR has to offer.

I had the opportunity to look through a D750 with a 17mm lens and realized that my next step will be to get one of those.
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Not that it matters that much, I'd rather be looking at a profile pic of you than a piece of wood, why not change it?
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Enjoy your day! In the end, that's all that counts.

I can only speak for myself. I shoot what I want, I post what I want. My style is eclectic; while I am extremely passionate about certain subjects, I post a variety of my work here. Some great photos tank -- I delete them and laugh it off. Maybe I try them again, maybe I don't. Some not-so-great photos zoom up the Leaderboard. I laugh that off too.

I have always liked games. A lot. I think that's why I don't leave Pixoto permanently (although I have taken breaks from it). It's a game, trying to figure out what to post, and when. I think it's fun.

Sure, I get frustrated sometimes. That's only natural. But it hasn't taken the fun away yet.

One clarification on what I just said, "I post what I want." There are lots of photos I don't post -- not worth the aggravation. I avoid the Landscapes category, for example, as well as Abstract. Hot messes :-)

Anyway, have a wonderful adventure today!
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I totally agree with you and your way of thinking.

I just wish that the ones who are taking this site way too seriously would read what you just said and think the way you do!

I had a very unique opportunity today to take some very awesome images. And correct for some image flaws that I saw in some of last weeks work.

They had tons of tulips today over at the Como Park here in Minneapolis and I met a very smart you man who was also enjoying the opportunity to take images of the beautiful flowers.

My intent was to add new work to my port here and to see where my efforts would go.

Again, thank you for your reply..
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Thank you for suggestion Redwar.
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Hey Mr. Redwar, I feel your pain, but for me Pixoto is like a real life video game. I say real life because it inspires me to get out and take pictures. Pixoto offers something fun to do with your pics...competitions every day! For free! You can't take part in Need for Speed with your real life car, but you can take part in Pixoto with your real life camera and environment!

My tastes in photo making is diverse like yours...I shoot weddings and pet portraits for a little extra money, but my passion is travel and wilderness hiking. I feel happy for you because you talk as though you value freedom as I do. But on the flipside I feel sorry for anyone who is willing to reproduce the same tired images over and over because their greatest passion in life is Pixoto points...don't know whether to laugh or cry about that sad fact.

I'm getting old, I started studying photography over 40 years ago and there was nothing and nowhere to do or post your work in those days. Life magazine and Nat Geo was it and you better be a well equipped, or world class and famous photog for those. Or you could be Ansel Adams...but then everybody but him...wasn't him

I post digitized scans of prints I took as a young man in the early 1970's that no one but a few friends back then have ever seen, now because of Pixoto, folks from every corner of the world get a chance to see and like them and send me kind comments, that is amazing...I shot those pics decades before home computers and the internet was even imagined, that is mind-bogging-ly cool!

Let Pixoto inspire you to live your passion, let the other poor folks live for Pixoto points...(It's supposed to be fun).

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