The voting system, needs your attention, please.

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The fact that almost half of the people who voted on this: voted it the "best" Image.
There is no better proof in my opinion that there is voting down going on or blind voting.
I mean no disrespect to who ever took this image, just makes a great example of what is happening with the voting here. I feel like every person who voted this up should have their voting looked at, bc it is a seriously flawed image. By any standard of photography.
this is just one example, it happens all the time and it is frustrating to try and participate when people vote carelessly and with intention to push certain images up or down.

Last time i voted, i was given the same image three times to vote on...three times.. that in itself is an issue. ( i only voted on approx 50 images at that time)

No one should be allowed to vote on a category they have submitted too. everyone looks at the leader board, and knows their competition well. The rules even state that if you recognize an image you should pass it by- then why are users allowed to vote on categories they are in? surely you must know that if you enter daily or even weekly, user's know who takes certain images. Something has to be done bc this is ruining the site's validity.- make voting transparent or put an end to voting on categories one is entered into. Please? something, anything.
thanks for reading,
Have a nice day.
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This is an absolutely correct analysis of the flaws of this voting system, but I already know the reply to this: "Thank you for your suggestion - I will pass it on to the management and get back to you when I get an answer".
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I feel that sometimes to avoid conflict they used canned responses, but i have seen changes here from items brought to their attention, they just don't really like to say it aloud when they know that the issue is real bc imagine the fallout that would cause. Yes it would make a few of us happy, but it would be like yelling fire in a theater.

I know that these post seemed to go unanswered, but i also see why they don't give more fuel to the fire.

I just really hope they notice that some of us bring these things into light to help, and not to cause any distress.
Most of all i hope there is private conversation on fixing this very serious issue. That can be shared with the community once a solution is found. Because honesty I am already seeing a huge decline in good photography since I have joined.
I can only attribute that to this voting issue, as many of my photographer friends have told me this is the exact reason they will not patron pixoto.
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Thank you for suggestion. We think it is important for users to vote for all categories. I will forward your observations and suggestions to the management.
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I think everyone should be able to vote, but only if they are unbiased. and that isn't how its happening. You should also remove the section that reads not to vote on images you may know bc if everyone is able to vote and have a voice you can not really dictate who they vote for.

at any rate- I just would like, along with many others, a solution to this issue, which is an actual issue, not a suggestion of one.

Have a great day and thanks for your reply.
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I agree with you above that something needs to be done to improve the voting. I would just like to add my bit to your line - "No one should be allowed to vote on a category they have submitted to". This would leave the versatile photographers with very few categories to vote on. If someone (like me, lol) submits images in many categories then they would be left with very few categories to vote on. I am not sure how this problem can be corrected, but definitely something needs to be done to remove the careless votes and down voting.
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I totally see your point, I just didn't know what else to do to stop it, BC the provisions in place to eliminate bad voting are clearly not working as pointed out with the image above.

I am totally open to whatever will work. I am just tired of seeing good images not stand a chance bc some are to careless to vote with truth and not just for credits or to win. its frustrating to so many of us.

I am not speaking about my own images, I am talking about the hundreds images a day that deserve way better scores then they receive, bc some greedy person cant be bothered to play fair.

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