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IF YOU READ THIS POST, PLEASE ADD A COMMENT. Maybe we will get the attention of the site administrators if tons of users speak up.

Jasenka, I think you have reported all of these issues, but I thought it might be good to put them all in one place. If anyone is aware of others that I missed, please add a comment.

1. Though these have improved greatly in recent weeks, I still get crashes due to server errors almost daily.
2. The Blog site with category descriptions has been red flagged by Google due to errors that could allow hackers to harm your computer if you visit it.
3. Several categories of 2017 awards have not been given.
4. The 2017 banner awards also have not been given. Of course, that can't happen till all the category awards are given.
5. The best of month awards for February have not been given, and March will be over in a few days.
6. Awards have not been showing up in the news feed for the past few days.
7. Emails are not being sent to users to let them know they won an award.
8. Images show points awarded for recent daily and weekly awards, but the points are not being added in to the users total.
9. When you win an award, the counter is not updating to reflect your new total number of awards.
10. Pro members reported more than two weeks ago that links to their pro account are not functioning.

While I am glad that the crashes have greatly improved, there are nine other major issues that have not been addressed. I know that all you can do is report them, but maybe it is time for Jason, Justin and Scott to become more involved in this site. It doesn't even seem to be in Maintenance Mode anymore.
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  • frustrated and sad.

Posted 2 years ago

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All those issues you point out SweetNana55 and some more, were announced by several users once in a while.

As we all know the only person that can bring this to Pixotos attention is Jasenka!

I have the strong suspicion that Jasenka doesn`t find a sympathetic ear either!

Pixoto is unwilling to fulfil its obligations (report answers) towards Jasenka how can we then believe Pixoto will listen to us?

If Pixoto wants to close down the site, for whatever reason, why are they not informing us? There is nothing we could do except take notice of it.

I am deeply disappointed of pixotos behaviour and "performance", users only want to know which side one`s bread is buttered on!!

The only think i understand from pixoto`s undecent behaviour is that they look upon us whith disrespect and handle us whith unfair treatment.

I also have some questions!

1. What will happen whith all our Photos? will they be wandering like a ghost in the internet

or even maybe get stolen?

2. What will happen whith all our credits? (Lots of users buy credits)

Fact is Pixoto is in a crisis, So what`s it to be Pixoto, ? Please brake through and make it public!!!!

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I do wish they would fix problems or tell us what they gonna do. I would like to see Pixoto keep going.
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I love this site. PLEASE PLEASE do something about the problems. Or at least reassure us that the problems will be fixed. The silence is not fair on all of us who have been your loyal supporters for years now.

I just paid $96 for a PRO renewal, which for me in South Africa, is a HUGE amount of money. That was already after the problems started but I had faith in you. Your Customer Services were very quick to inform me that I needed to pay my subscription. If you are planning to discontinue this site or leave it hanging with its problems, this is unethical behavior.

This is an American hosted site and Pixoto is American. Is this what America has come to? At least Facebook fixed their privacy settings for easier use when the s....t hit the fan there. Are you just going to keep quite?


Thank you and we hope to hear from you. We are all concerned - this has become a serious concern for all your members!

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It is wrong that management bills Pro members for services that they are not delivering. I think most Americans are above this kind of business practice. I hate it when a global company with American roots puts a blemish on our nation for unethical practices. Come on guys, fix it!!!!
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It seems pretty obvious to me that the biggest problem is NOT that there are glaring, obvious problems with this site, the problem is that the owners don't CARE about those problems. If they cared, the problems would be fixed -if the problems weren't able to be easily fixed, the owners would be sending out ongoing emails regarding the problems/solutions they are working on, and there would be refunds/some sort of extra compensation for members. A different site I post on was out for a few hours, and they immediately sent out an apology email and added a gift from the site. It was a reality check for me - I realized that is what a responsible website (who cares about the members) does. As someone who posted daily for years and enjoyed this site very much, I have come to accept that this is the end for this site. Maintenance mode is apparently dissolving into - barely-keeping-it-afloat-until-we-shut-it-down mode. As the owners, they have the right to let go of the business, but I don't think it's right for them to continue to accept money from people and not provide the service that is being paid for.
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Feast or famine, that's what the owners need to decide. If they reinvest a larger portion of their revenue into software upgrades, fresh content, innovation, customer support, and, of course, platform maintenance, then they'll 'feast' in the mid-to-long term. Meaning they'll reap the benefits of a larger, loyal customer base and a growing slice of the market-share.
However, I've noted from virtually Day-1 the owners seem unwilling to put money into site improvements/maintenance, visibly participate in site management, or even actively communicate with their customers. Thus, we're seeing famine. These concepts are Business 101 for God's sake!
Pixoto has so much unrealized potential, but poor management practices are holding it back. Granted, I'm just on the outside looking in through a dirty window and am forming my own conclusions. But why is that? Because no one tells us anything...ever. Jasenka does what she can, but I think she's part of a contracted customer service agency and is kept in the dark like the rest of us.
With management involvement, customer focus, and membership support, we can make Pixoto great again! Sadly, I get the impression the owners are willing to let Pixoto die on the vine and move on to other mismanaged ventures.
My Pro Membership expires in May. Unless things improve, I'm taking my business (and $$$) elsewhere. Loyalty goes both ways.
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Perfectly stated. Exactly that - I wholeheartedly see it all the same way.
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Exactly for me too Shawn.