Should we allow Pinning?

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People have "pinned" hundreds (maybe thousands) of photos from Pixoto on Pinterest (the explosive social sharing site) - yet virtually no Pinterst users click through back to your images. By contrast posts to Facebook generate 10+ clicks per image.

The difference is that Pinterest downloads and serves the full size image while facebook uses only thumbnails.

Furthermore Pinterest does not include your name with the image - only To see what I mean go to:

So the question is: Should we block Pinterest from posting your photos?

Would love to hear your feedback.
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Jason Kiefer, Official Rep

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Posted 9 years ago

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Anton Falcon

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my take on this: for now, absolutely block them...

1. it is in the pixoto guidelines that images should be uploaded without watermarks to win on the contest.
2. this leaves 99.99% of the photos uploaded to pixoto vulnerable to being "pinned" to pinterest, which means they are copying the full size image to their site, without any phographer credits.
3. this is a no-win situation because you cannot participate in the pixoto contest if your photos have watermarks/copyrights embedded, and if you do play by the pixoto rules.... there's a chance that those photos can be copied to pinterest and you don't get any credit for it.
4. also, if nothing is done and we continue to allow pinterest to post our photos uploaded here... those of us who participate in the contest do not have a choice whether we want our images pinned/copied to another site.

solutions: (from the pixoto side)
1. easy: block pinterest from stealing our photos.
2. difficult: a) allow watermarks/copyrights on images... maybe even require it; b) change the culture of voting in pixoto so that voters will actually take time to look at what photos are being dueled and not be influenced by watermarks/copyrights. c) perhaps there is a technology solution where we all still upload non-watermarked images, but have pixoto display these images in the duels, and also have pixoto add watermarks with photographer's names in the lower right corner in the photo details page that can be "pinned"/copied to pinterest, thereby giving pixoto photographers proper credit...
3. somewhat easier than #2) allow for pixoto users to allow/block pinterest from pinning their photos at the time of upload... since you just need to add that meta tag on the details page to block pinterest from pinning that page.
4. do nothing: which will result in either: photographers deleting their uploaded photos from pixoto or start lining up lawsuits against pinterest.

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Tigi Borg

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Interesting and important question!

Any image posted to Pixoto is copyrighted work, no matter if it does or does not include copyright watermark.

I think that Pixoto has an obligation to protect our works, submitted to contests, to the maximum possible extent. Therefore it seems that you may do the best and simplest move by blocking pinning, at least until you place your watermark on any image.

And that watermark may even look something like: "@Autors Name - submitted to photo contest".

The rest was excellent explained by Anton Falcon!
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ghislain vancampenhoudt

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All the images we are posting via Pixoto are already free to download via Google (just type your name in Google and then click on images) in rather usable resolution e.g. 900 x.644, which can not be considered as a thumbnail...
This also is something to be worried about.
For the rest I fully agree with Anton and Tigi.
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Andrew Halpern

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I think this has been changed. I just tried what you sugested and the largest size image I could download was 285 x 285
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Linda Clark

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Protect the shots......what else can you do? Don't allow copying anywhere w/o copywrite and name...and watermark, too.
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Sandy Considine

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I am new to this pinterest thing. But I've heard about it not knowing exactly what it was. So thank you Anton for the explanation.

My vote is yes to blocking. I agree with Anton and Tigi
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Diana Calvario

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I agree with Anton and Tigi as well.
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Absolutely, block Pinterest!
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SumPics Photography

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I agree with blocking Pinterest or any other pass through that does not include photographer information.
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Michelle Meenawong

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yes, block it.
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Jason Kiefer, Official Rep

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I agree with all of you. We'll block it.
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Michelle Meenawong

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gooood, thanks Jason
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Miroslava Jurcik

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Definitly, block it !
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Andrew Halpern

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Good decision. Thanks for asking.
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Sandra Veech

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I agree- at least when images are shared on facebook, there is motivation for people to come look at pixoto, and usually some link or information about the photographer included in the process.
If pinterest isn't leading people directly to the photographer, then it isn't beneficial.

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