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Pixoto you have a problem, a big problem. I doubt I need to elaborate further, but just in case...6 water lilies in the top 10 for this week? Really? It's the same for this months leaderboard. Potential customers are going to start believing Pixoto specialises in water lilies. I'm sick of the sight of them. What's worse is they are forcing the rest of us to submit as many variations of our best received images as we can just to compete, so it's snowballing. Remove the damn cash prizes PLEASE!!! Enough of us have requested this that someone should be listening and responding! And please seriously consider a cap on how many images of a specific subject type can be submitted by any one person.

Community, if you agree with this please show your support so Pixoto can see the extent of the problem....
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Posted 7 years ago

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Have the cash prize on the weekly competition? The "cold drinks", or whatever themed one?

Would surely have the double bonus of distracting the water lilly people and provoking them to vary their submissions?

Then everybody else can get on with enjoying winning for the photo itself!
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Let's not forget what is the main focus of the Pixoto ... to sell stock.
If you are graphic designer or editor you might want to see small variations of the same image, same subject .. argument here is that are so similar ... but for them these small differences are huge. Lets say if you have water drop on lilly, why not having 10 images with different position of water drop? Some designers will pick one that suits them the best, right, no?
Sometime ago i came across the article about international salons and competitions that you should guess what most of the artist will do and then you do something different to stand out of that big crowd. But that statement doesn't work for competition on Pixoto because instead of one or two judges who are looking at thousands of images there are ten's of thousands of different people voting here. I personally never had chance to see any of the water lilly images in duels even if there are so many on this website. And if i came across most likely would be more appealing than the other flower.
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Even on major stock sites you will not be allowed to upload for instance what you said.. same flower with different waterdrop pattern. You might pass with 2 or 3 but they will start refusing them with reason "you have similar photos in your account". :)
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Jasenka, you missing my point. If you search for "frame" on any stock site and you find one that is more/less what you are looking for ... then you ask for "similar images" (from the same artist) because you want to see variations of it. Sometimes difference is really small but thats how it works. If they allow 3 or 10 variations i don't know and that wasn't mine point.