Resentment toward HDR photography? Yer or No?

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In image duels I am really trying to vote for the better photograph regardless of the way the photograph is manipulated (normal, some post processing, black and white or HDR); I noticed (maybe I am wrong, i would like to hear your opinion) that people tend to vote against HDR photographs just because they are HDR and nothing else. Out of 140 photos I have only 10 or so that are HDR so I am not HDR nut or anything like that, but I really don't like losing to obviously sub par images just because a technique used in particular is HDR. It would be the same if we started voting down all portraits where retouching technique is used to enhance skin appearance, where Photoshop is used in any way (like coloring a different areas of photograph into more appealing colors, or where light effects are added to certain parts of the image to enhance its appearance). Is there anybody else that feels the same way? Maybe it is time for separate HDR category if most players cannot pass by their resentment towards HDR photos.
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I would actually vote against any kind of un-natural picture (it's my personal opinion).

I especially dislike heavily photoshopped pictures. "I am manipulated" is written all over those picture :)

Photography is an art and enhancing photographs is digital graphics skill (some may consider it art but I won't).

I would like to remain purist and would vote for purists.

Although my reply is not in line with your point of view, I felt I should speak my opinion on the subject :)
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Sajid, I appreciate your opinion, but you should ask yourself two questions:

What is unnatural?

Black and white photos are unnatural, retouched skin on almost all women portraits or body is unnatural, saturating colors or increasing vibrancy is unnatural, cutting out backgrounds is unnatural, studio lighting is unnatural, setting up a scene for some photographs is unnatural and we can go on an on. If I would choose to vote only for photos that are not digitally enhanced or only shoot in natural environment (no artificial lights, no set up scenes etc.), there would be almost nothing to vote on. Also it is waist of tools and skills, if you are not using what is available to you to make the best photo you can make. Why not go back to the good old film cameras?

Let me be clear, I agree that Photoshop category should be separate. A category where you can combine several photos in one, where you can have a huge moon on the night sky with thousands of star and the witch on a broom flying by :-) That is what I call manipulated to the point its simply not real and it should be in separate category.

But the HDR photograph is nothing more then 3 normal or as you would call it "pure" photos made at three different exposure values. They are merged to one image so that it can deliver more punch. In a same way you are using black and white photography to deliver more punch where light and shadow are important elements. there is no difference.

Second question is: Is this sight made for "purist"?

No it is not. Pixoto allows full range of expression and it would be nice if people could get rid of their built in attitude about what is proper or not and just concentrate on the quality of the image regardless of how it is processed. I cannot allow myself to for example vote against the obviously better image just because it is black and white or HDR and give vote to sub par image just because of that. Simply does not make sense.

Thanks a lot for your replay Sajid! I wish others join discussion too. Cheers.
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Looking at the leading 'Players' I would say the opposite. There are some exponents of what I would label 'really bad HDR' who have become very popular here on Pixoto. They can only have become popular through votes (how they got those votes is another matter!)

In short, I think there are some truly awful images on Pixoto that have rating in the 600+ category that are poorly composed, badly focussed, over saturated, etc that have become popular just because they have had 'extreme' HDR treatment.

Personally, I look for composition first, subject matter second and then digital enhancement third.

I think it's important to remember that this site is a popularity contest more than a 'fine art photography, site.

That's just the way it is and I can't see any way of changing it.

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I don't really like the HDR shots. They don't look natural to me and I usually vote against them if the other shot is truly worthy.
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Julie, that is more than OK. As I said, if the other shot is truly worthy I do not see any issues. I just do not like when people vote against HDR photo, just because its HDR and give vote to the image that has no qualities whatsoever. Black and white photography does not look natural too isn't it, but because its present for so long we do not tend to discriminate against it.

And Dave I agree with everything you said except that I didn't notice (or maybe i didnt pay enough attention) that there are too many HDR photos in the winning group (considering the number of images that are on Pixoto)

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Pixoto is a competition with voting from everyone, many who do not know what HDR is but tend to like it. Most are not photographers and know nothing about the craft. Old fashion film photography was and still is some of the best, case in point Ansel Adams! Now that was a true artist of photography. Many say you have to do post processing on digital, unlike film. I have taken some photos without doing any post processing, and they are some of my favorites. As for HDR it is a combination of shots then layered, I still think it is a creative form of photography. If layered correctly not much post processing is needed. I think HDR should be a category of its own.
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I enjoy good HDR and if done properly, HDR simpy brings out things that would be hidden, colors, grain in wood, texture etc... however like anything, it can be overdone and being new to HDR myself, I know the first photos that I did, were overdone, and over saturated with bold colors, but I was so pumped up on it that I didnt realize it..... some of the newest cameras out now, come with the ability to take bracketed automatically (canon G12 I believe does this) it is the way of the future....and I believe you will see more and more of this as time passes and new cameras are created.
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check this site:
I suppose most of her mountains and canyons photos were iHDR

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