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If you have any practical - reality-based - suggestions for improving Pixoto, please contribute to this thread - or - if you think I am the wrong person to start such a thread (since I'm a self-confessed picture-taker and not a photographer) please start a similar one and disregard the rest ;).

To start off, here are some of the ideas already raised on the forum (mostly by others - and I most certainly do not take credit for anyone's suggestions!):

firstly Suggestions for new, stand alone categories:

Macro category (stand alone) with diverse macro sub-categories (please see this thread ( for suggestions regarding possible sub-categories)

Night photography - stand alone category with diverse sub-categories (I confess to absolute ignorance here - would not know where to begin - point and shoot photography has its limits and I have not yet explored night photography satisfactorily)

Alternative light source stand alone category - e.g. infra-red and ultra violet? with diverse sub-categories - I stand in awe and total ignorance!

Flowers as a stand alone category - separated from Nature up close with diverse flower sub-categories - e.g. with insects, with water drops, buds, bought / cut flowers, in habitat (i.e. no studio, no mirrors, etc.), floral landscapes, in studio, floral reflections, etc.

Black and white as a stand alone category - with diverse sub-categories - maybe similar to the existing categories - so B&W landscapes, B&W architecture, etc. But photographers should STILL be allowed to submit B&W photos to other categories (on condition no duplicates) to compete with the full/high colour images if they wish.

Birds as a stand alone category with diverse sub-categories e.g. nesting, flying, waterbirds, silhouettes, raptors, pets/cagebirds, bird interactions, birds with food (with my point and shoot - I am pretty much limited to large birds between goose and ostrich size standing on a rock) so help me out here real avian photographers...)

Portraits of Elderly folks/senior citizens as a sub-category for People (pleeeez - photos of my parents simply can not compete with young, scantily clad beauties!)


Allowing awards to be sorted by date - not just by highest score - so a "sort by date/score" addition to the awards tab would be necessary;

and, possibly

would it make sense to limit the number of images submitted per sub-category per day - to inhibit those folks who feel that they can submit 20 similar photos a day (every day) to a single sub-category.

Finally (after this I shut up for a while - everyone can breath a big sigh of relief and go and have a cup of coffee)

What about changing the format of this forum to one which is more user-friendly - more like other forums - more here - (

Apologies for the e-book...
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  • unsure whether this would be of interest to any other players?

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Also, the other one I wanted to specifically say I liked was separating Birds and Insects into stand alone animal categories. Both of these sub-categories dominate in animals.
Dogs & Cats have their own- and photographing an insect takes an entirely different skill set (and creates an entirely different image) than, say a zebra or a fox. Not sure if there are enough to re-categorize aquatic of fish???
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AND... also, I like the idea of seeing who adds your photo as a favourite- and I don't know HOW necessarily, but it would be nice if different photogs had an easier way to converse with one another than either the public forum or under a photo. I tend to be a commenter when I like a photo in a duel, I will add it as a favourite and then go back and pay a compliment to the photog- OR if I see something on the leaderboard I like, I'll comment- BUT sometimes I would just like to leave a general "I really like your work" message for someone. I just think more opportunities for friendly conversation overall would be great. Even a forum for issues & questions, and a different forum for discussion.

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