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This picture was taken just a week ago. It seems to be as good as any of the others like it with over 700 in score. I ask for advise never getting any, at least on REDBUBBLE.COM the photographers truly help one another, no one helps you from here, and the ones from other countries won't talk to you at all! here is the link to image I am talking about, can anyone tell me what is wrong with this image?
It seems the same people are the only ones winning the voting. At least on you are not allowed to solicit votes, and you can sell your work. Something just does not seem right with the voting here. Truly what is this sight really about?
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(I'm totally amateur.)
If you look through the postings here on the community website, you will see there has been a lot of unhappiness with voting.

There have been allegations of cheating in at least a dozen different ways. But it goes far beyond cheating. Some posters find a winning formula and flood the market with it, which officially is NOT cheating. Some ImageDuel winners are such pathetic snapshots as to suggest that voters put their cursor on one image and click blindly away while looking at something more interesting. It is possible for a voter to vote on an image they recognize, based on selfish, loyal or vengeful motives. Worst, I’m beginning to suspect that many of the voters are what we call in The Business, (excuse my crude language) HUMAN.

That said, a big change that I’ve seen since I started here last August, is the percentage of ImageDuels between two excellent pictures. I remember seeing your Horseshoe Lake picture in ImageDuel-ing, and spending, literally, over a minute trying to decide. Often, I get down to deciding which picture has the closest to what could be considered a flaw.

IMPORTANT TIP: ImageDuel images are reduced in size. Highly detailed pics do not do well. And forget panoramas. Some TALL pictures do really well, but width is strictly compromised. While you are prepping, check your pic at a bit less than half your screen width, so you have an idea what it will look like to voters. Your Horseshoe Lake probably lost some detail with the extra-wideness.

Now, speaking as a virtually unqualified Artist, I will risk my eternal soul with a comment or two on your Horseshoe Lake. Based on my theory of finding ‘something wrong’ in a wonderful picture...

...the sky could be construed as being not quite right, if one were searching for an artistic ‘problem’. The sun seems to be hard-left, but the otherwise-dark sky is light in the mid-back of the picture. The rainbow looks kind of like a tube, and doesn’t have distinct rainbow colors.
I don’t remember which pic I voted for. No, really. I don’t

Now, YOU can tell ME why MY fabulous pic is dangling helplessly at barely over 600.
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Charlene, that's definitely a cool pic of Horseshoe Bend, but I think it could use some improvements that'd help boost its ranking. It looks like this pic was taken during a bright daylight hour, making it contrasty, and with a harsh shadow on the left. Perhaps if this was done as HDR then it would correct that, or, if it were taken in different light. You could also change exposure in some of the portions of the pic using Lightroom as well.

In short, you've done a nice job with this shot, but, I've seen literally dozens of shots of this same locale on many sites. When that happens (a pic is popular), it needs to standout from the rest. While I agree voting is not the most accurate on Pixoto, I do feel that this one is ranked fairly accurately for its quality.

Also, I see you've submitted more than one pic of Horseshoe bend, such as the following, which looks as though you Photoshopped in the rainbow:

It also looks like you Photoshopped in the moon in this pic:

...which, in both cases, should technically disqualify these from the Nature category.

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