Larger size Duel images would allow more accurate voting

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It would help if there were buttons under the duel images to allow full size viewing. It's very hard to judge the true quality of an image at that small size.

After seeing some of the images I've voted for in full size on the front page, I've noticed things that I couldn't see in the small sized images that may have affected my voting had it been noticeable.

Just a thought...
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Posted 9 years ago

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After seeing a badly blurred picture with over 50 wins I agree with you......
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Sandy Considine

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I also agree.
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Ya Gotta Be Able to See the Detail
I go into the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest (Washington, USA) and try to capture its heartbreaking beauty. Millions of trees, branches, roots, twigs, leaves, moss, grasses, bushes, flowers, vines, fungi, all eagerly rotting to join their ancestors within the forest floor.

The heart of the forest owns no hard-edged ephemera like the cathedral, road, motorcycle, shiny bowl of neon-brilliant strawberries, wedding party, child's face, or lady's bare bottom. It is an eternal explosion of serene, motionless chaos.

But only if the picture is big enough to see the detail

Click to enlarge the pic below
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Nice photo by the way. Details are much apparent in the larger version.
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I agree maybe by switching away from the lightbox style duel and more towards a model like seen in a traditional compare app.

Note: I'm a software architect with significant user experience design, if you'd like to see some mock-ups of my suggestion you may contact me.
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I agree. I think it brings down the reputation of the site, when top images on the leaderboard are out of focus, etc. I think the duel pictures need to be the same size as the pictures on their own pages, bigger or smaller.
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I agree, I've thought this many times already while voting. Maybe provide an 'enlarge button' on each of the presented pictures so you can view them real-size or resized to just fit the window?

I've especially noticed some panorama-style pictures that all but disappear when resized to the small duel size.
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If you press the ctrl key and roll the wheel on your mouse it will enlarge the image. I have wondered how images fare with the auto resizing done by the site for viewing the the dueling window? You can submit larger images than the recommend 900 px, but typically websites resizing them isn't as good as resizing them yourself and posting at the minimum size

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