Landscape should be a category on it's own.

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Have you thought about having landscapes as a separate category (incorporating seascapes of course) as the landscape and nature category is currently huge as it covers a large spectrum of subjects. Plus I feel that landscape photography is a genre of its own and should be distinct from the rest of nature photography like flowers etc.
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Posted 9 years ago

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I think we agree. We are re-evaluating all of our categories now based on feedback.
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Richard, if they take Flowers and Plants out of the Nature category, where would you have them put it?

As for Cities, Towns and Villages, it may not be nature, but it is landscape, so again, where would you have them put it?

Personally, I think if one subcategory didn't duel against a different subcategory, there wouldn't be an issue.
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I tend to agree with the Flowers and Plants being put in their own category. A majority of those are shot in studio environment, and they tend to be like cats and dogs and bug photos, a bunch of them. I think it was P.T. Barnum who said, never try to compete against a baby or a puppy, you will always lose.
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I agree it's better for landscape to have a separate category. And why not make pets & wildlife into one? They have similar sub-categories.
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Shirley is right!!!!!!
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Why not 'waterfalls' in 'Landscape' ?
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I'm with you
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Also, I think that 'Towns and villages" should be a sub-category of 'Architecture'. I often see pictures in the category 'Landscape and nature' that show neither landscape nor nature and it is quite weird.
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i think there are ten sub categories now under landscape covering almost all subjects!
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Enlargement of Categories
I have seen on photo collector sites that many kinds of photo grouping, All depend on management or admin that sites.
But categories on, [IMHO] it is the most appropriate to re-arranger categories in for comfortable to players and also voters, (some add from me).
Priority should be own category
1st MACRO Photography
2nd LANDSCAPE Photography
3rd JOURNALISM Photography

Photo Categories as usual:

The photographs of objects that give priority to the beauty of the composition, the game shapes and colors, graphic elements and textures.
Photographs showing the beauty of man-made structure, such as buildings and bridges
Object pictures as a display of traditional culture, contemporary, and modern, such as dance, traditional cultural festivals and local traditions
The main object is the interior room, and different categories of architecture that further highlight the elements of exterior
The photographs produced by photojournalists doing their normal jobs, and non-photojournalist who recorded the events
The photos that object is natural landscape as its main element of inanimate elements such as soil, water, sky or a combination of all three, also city and stilliscape.
The photos of small objects displayed with a magnification of 1:2 or more, insect, small thing, flowers
Human Interest
Term is the picture of human interest, as its main object the human individual and group, which is primarily intended to show the mood of the object image
Model - Fashion
Photographs showing model foto and an emphasis on fashion items
All natural phenomena, wildlife living in their natural habitat and wild plants that live in their natural habitats. The presence of human or any form of the work of human culture should not be visible in the photo.
The works which are the result of digital, photo collages, and other digital techniques. See a full explanation here
Sporting event photos
The photos show on the stage, such as music concerts, performances showbiz, dance and theater performances
The photographs featuring rural life, such as community interaction, atmosphere and dynamics of life
The photos featuring urban life, such as community interaction, atmosphere and dynamics of life
Photographs relating to marriage, ranging from pre-wedding, coverage, candid and so forth.
Pet photos
The photos with the human object, either individually or in groups, with a portrait style that accentuates the personality elements of the object image
The photos of animals who are still living in their natural habitat, or who live in man-made habitats that are similar to the original, such as national parks and safari parks. Unlike the Pets category of object form that has been tame pets
Snapshot - Street Photography
The photos produced without planning, equipment or special techniques, can be a candid photo.
Still Life
The pictures do not move objects arranged or specially constructed to form a beautiful composition. Photographs of artwork, detailed things, splashing, freezing and sculptures are included in this category
Photographs modes of transportation, whether by land, sea or air, may be airplanes, trains, boats, ships, buses and trucks
Photo tour (photo travel) must demonstrate a sense of time and place, the image of an area, population, or a culture in its original situation, and no geographic boundaries.
Nude Art.
Commercial - Advertising
Photo produce for advertisement
The main process and perform base on an Idea and a Concept.
Minimalism - Industrial Art.
Focus on composition.
IR Photography.
photo produce by infrared camera or photosoftware
Digitalize Darkoom.
Photo produced by digital darkroom process, generally art photo.
Thanks a lot, Success to, Regards.
adibudojo - the learner
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Yuuup, I think the categories in pixoto now is still too ambiguous, not clearly distinct. Mr. Adibudojo's categories are considerable.
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Agus Sudarmanto

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Agree Mr.Adibudojo,Macro photography sould be own category ang thank for your support Michelle.
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Fery Wahyudi

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Me too
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Yanuar Akbar

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the list of Mr. Adibudojo reasonable enough to categorize wide range variety of object in photography
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I like the fact that Praries, Meadows and Fields are in a different category from Waterscapes, Weather and Cities. If you look at Landscape and Nature overall - then it's always the Waterscapes that come top - so Prairies/Fields needs it own category in order to thrive too.

I don't like the idea of lumping them all together. There would be no point in submitting fields if that were the case, and since the majority of my work is Fields then it would make me a sad bunny.
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wow, this is a list. thanks adibudojo. Should be great to have all these categories. I hope pixoto will have a serious look at this and I hope also that we very soon get the change
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Often I confuse to vote, which one, Ants and Eagle? Landscape and Leaf? Market's atmosphere and High Key of Product?
I think its not apple to apple, its different skill and tools to produce the best pict.
Thanks for your support Michelle.
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it's a great list and I hope the staff will have a look at this. Look also at adibudojo's portfolio on facebook and 500px, they are great pictures there
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i think what adibudojo had proposed is a good way to categorize the pictures.

and would it be also possible to put subcategory by default (if people don't choose the subcategory where his/her pictures are to be placed, then he/she would not be able to post their pictures)

i frequently get confusion (and usually end up with 'skip') when i am to compare thngs that do not belong to same category.

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