It's time for a more legit voting system. Down with speed clickers!

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There is a problem here with "speed clicking" to accumulate points in image duels so people can post lots of pictures. I notice many duels where the outcome doesn't make any sense given the huge difference in quality between pictures.

I know how to improve the voting system here. To discourage speed clicking, first increase the credits awarded for each image duel vote from 2 to 5. Next, structure in a 6 sec. loading time between pictures. Lastly, in each image superimpose a small click box that directs the viewer to "click here to vote for this picture." The box will randomly appear at different points around the edges of each picture. Therefore, speed clickers will not be able to rapidly click through pictures and will have to actually look before clicking. Hope you consider my idea, and I think it would make this contest more legit.

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Posted 8 years ago

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I agree, something must change, I like your second thought about the check box appearing randomly in different points around the edge of an image. :-)
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Ralph Harvey

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I know we need to have a fair system for voting, the need to gain points over the need to give an accurate vote has in some cases led to blind voting ! as has been admitted by some members on this site.!

This must stop because the highest scoring image is not necessarilly the best,? Pixoto say they have allowed for this in there algarythms but i seriously doubt that it is possible to eliminate it that way?

Your suggestion for longer voting time is not the answer though, unless you have a "Pro Account" and quite frankly "dont need the points earned from the votes !"

I spend an enormouse amount of time voting properly to gain enough points to keep my place on the leaderboard, i do some times vote quickly and sometimes take a little longer but with a lot of the duels it is obveouse which is the better image !

To make me spend more time will reduce the enjoyment of the site. and would only increase the gap between the chosen few who can afford to pay for the luxury of being able to sit back and enjoy the voting system because untill they reach 100 duels they dont actually need to vote other than for pleasure !! and the rest of us who have two choices duel most of the time to gain points or not submit images !

With the latter the site ceases to have a function ?

A little foot note,

6 seconds might not sound much but thats 1 minute to submit an image, 1 minute to Boost it and an additional 1 minute every time you need to boost or unpause it throughout the day, for each image you submit each day

How many images do you submit daily ? or should that be how many hours do you submit a week ?
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Hey Anthony your suggestions have all been made many times long ago on multiple threads.
The problem with the load time approach is that it can be circumvented by using multiple browser tabs.
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I've noticed a number of members have raised concern about speed voters and voting fairness in the past and some interesting solutions have been suggested. Whilst speed voters are a problem that can never be completely stopped I do think that they could be reduced and voting could be more accurate because the current system gives too many great photos false results due to people just clicking blindly for credits.

I have designed a concept which may be worth discussing so please offer your suggestions and critique where you feel it's needed.

I am in no way suggesting Pixoto should implement this concept, this is purely for discussion and brainstorming purposes.

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Ralph Harvey

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Its all very well coming up with a new system, which on the face of it looks ok, but people will find a way around it if they "need" the votes !,

The simple and only way to eliminate the bad speed voters is to remove the dependency on gaining lots of points which is the reason people do this !

We have no choice but to gain points to submit and boost our images, you could remove the need to boost images the way it was before "Pro" but with the guarenteed 100 duels this would only give them another advantage over the rest of us.

Lets find a fair way to submit for all, then there will be no need to speed vote in the first place !
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I chair a image division in a camera club and deal with issues of judging projected images for awards. There is nothing about the process that can be considered objective or accurate. While rules can be developed to ensure some level of consistency from one judge to another, as long as the judges are human the process will be subjective and variable.

Folks who submit what they consider as the best of their best do not like to be told that the extra sky at the top of the image adds nothing and should have been cropped or that the bright object at the corner catches the viewer's attention and should have been toned down. And there is always the image that one judge loves and another hates.

So what does this have to do with making speed judgements on paired images? I've gone thru several and have concluded that having more time would have allowed me to articulate why I choose one over another, but would have changed my vote in very few, if any, instances. Also, were there a mechanism to slow me down I would be less inclined to go thru the process. That it is based on popularity rather than something more objective is a given and if you use Pixoto, then you probably want to know how popular your photo is compared to others. And what is popular is more likely to sell. As a way of sifting thru thousands of photos, it probably works as well as any system of judging can.
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That's fine but there are definitely still very obvious inconsistencies. I know my photos have won against MUCH better photos and have also lost against photos that look like they were taking by a 6 year old with an old cell phone.

It's understandable that opinions vary when the photos are of similar quality, but that is not the case in many instances on this site.
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I agree with this. Especially for these jerks who let their kids vote.
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There should be some intelligence at hand. Users voting habits (or click habits) should be monitored. Do they always click the left or right image? Do they click left image then right, etc? How long does it take between each vote? And so on...

Create a warning system and after so many warnings of speed clicking you can't vote for X amount of time and lose X credits.

I say it's one additional layer to the system, not the complete answer.
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I believe Pixoto staff have already indicated that this IS something that is monitored.
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Instead of just putting 2 images together and you pick the best one. There should be 2 images and a few boxes that can be checked for things such as best composed, sharpness,all around,etc. then take those results between the 2 and give the score for the 2. It might take longer 2 vote a duel but it would be more fair and make you really look at each picture.
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I find that I'm often stuck deliberating between two images. Either both of the images are equally brilliant, and I'd feel bad about not giving points to either, or neither particularly interest me. Maybe this could be fixed by a scale system, e.g. 'neutral' in the middle, with 'slightly prefer', 'prefer' and 'strongly prefer' on either side? And maybe 'both' or 'neither' buttons instead of skipping? I don't know. This is probably too complicated. But something like that might encourage more thoughtful voting and more meaningful scores.
Just a thought.
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Thank you for your suggestion Holly.

Duel system is based on choosing between 2 photos. If you get one beautiful photo and one not so beautiful photos it is easy to choose which one you like more. Of course it is a bit difficult if you are presented with two equally beautiful photos, but in that case you still decide which one is better. Since both are so beautiful, they both have probably same image scores (or close) so neither would win or lose lots of score if you choose either, and this will help them to achieve correct position in the leaderboard.

Hope this helps.
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This my photos had a bad start and now with the difference between victory and defeat is powerless to progress faster and better. Is the scoring system so well done?
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Most of all, there SHOULD be a weight of the voting... the more high-ranked is the voter, the more his vote should weight. Also, the newer, and/or) less experienced the voter is, his vote should weight less... in this way, the quality of the votes would increase.
If some speed-voters vote poor images, their votes would count much... and the image wouldn't increase in ranking if it doesn't worth it. On the other hand, if a image is good, being voted by a trusted person, would ensure its growth being fair.

Do you feel me on this?
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Susan Hogan

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Disagree, Derei... Coming from a site that did things just this way, it is grossly unfair. Everyone is at the whim of the highest scoring photogs. As happened at my previous site, cliques are formed. Lets say "Group A" filled with high weighted photogs, would decide that Person B was a competitive threat. The group would then seek to low-ball Person B's images, ultimately making it impossible for anyone outside of Group A to be competitive, and of course, making it impossible to shift the balance of power. If you found yourself on the outs with anyone from Group A, you had no chance of meaningful success, unless you could confuse them with images they didn't recognize as being yours.
And naturally, everyone from Group A would give exceptionally high scores to their brethren, thus ensuring their continued success and importance. It became repetitive, redundant and an utter waste of time.
It was a total disaster and ultimately lead to the death of the site because no one had a hope of EVER catching up.
OTOH, it wouldn't be beyond the realm of possibility to have unawarded photogs' votes not count AT ALL until they achieve their first award. Or at least make it a criteria that a set number of images must be submitted before one's votes could count. This would hopefully reduce the number of people here who are just here to vote for their friends' images.
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Justine Carlyle

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Is there not a way to have a minimum time to vote. Like you cannot physically choose either photo until 5 seconds has passed, forcing the voter to actually look at both photos for a set amount of time? I know there are ways it could still be bypassed, but it would help.

And yes, it would take longer to get credits, but I think most people complaining about this flaw probably already spend that much time deliberating over the photos anyway (or they wouldn't be complaining about the system)
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Silver City

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I would like an easy way to say why you did not vote the way you did a simple boxes ie.. out of focus to dark etc... so people get feedback on their scores other than it not scoring. Also The content of categories needs to be "cleaned out" by someone on staff so a rodent is not in the reptile vote. Challenges are full of photos that are not even close to the rules it is frustrating.
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The challenges are not moderated by Pixoto, unless its one of theirs, its up to the person who set it to organise the entries. Judging by recent posts it does appear some are very poor at doing that.

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