It was good so.... Go back and do it again.

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I'm want to praise something that happened a lot in it's early days, and that I hope may happen again.

We used to see pictures we'd like and spend out credits on them, or boost them on. I don't see that much these days, but it was better then.

We were just togs that wanted the best picture to win (even if that wasn't our own), and acts of generosity were the rule that new people would come across... rather than acts of clan or patriotic bias. It was BETTER.

So lets... go back and do it again? :-)
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Posted 8 years ago

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Janette you have a cracking point - people get wrapped up in their own achievements too much to actually care about other images that honestly may be better than theirs,

the phrase "its not winning, its the taking part that counts" springs to mind whenever I see any posts effectively moaning that X is cheating or Y image is Photoshopped

I share my account with family so we can never be frowned upon for "cheating" with duplicate accounts etc, as a result of that we have more credits than we actually need thanks to us all dueling so we do boost images we like and un-pause some recently added images too when we like them - we have experienced other togs boosting our images also and it is a nice feeling when you see someone has taken the time out to look at your images and appreciate your work.

this area of pixoto needs more publicity imho
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Janette Fraser

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Aye. :-) Well - maybe if we just 'spread a little love' then it'll ripple out again. :-)
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The point you are all missing here is now we have to earn so many points that we dont have enough to "swpread a little love"

I see images i think are really good but to boost theres i need to spend time doing 5 or 10 more duels each. and i need to do so many just to keep mine up, that it becomes a bind,

Wish it was back the way it was but it wont be unless they increase the value of a duel or decrease the submitting, boosting and unpausiing "fee"

Heres hoping ?
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I think the idea of boosting other player's images was not a very good one as groups of friends would use it to boost each other's images and it will be less likely that the deserving photos get boosting. Some times boosting goes the wrong way, your photo starts dropping and the opponents could use this to drop your photo. Sometimes I do not want to boost my image when I see that it has reached a certain level, boosting just leads to loss of points. Just my opinion.

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