Is there really any doubt that down voting is alive and well on Pixoto?

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Perhaps I'm getting paranoid or worse yet, becoming a conspiracy theorist, but as my followers have swelled to over 3100, my scores, in the last few weeks, have dropped dramatically. I realize there could be several legitimate reasons for this, not the least of which is the quality and interest level of my shots has dropped, but I'd like to think that isn't the case. I know many togs have also experienced this phenomenon on a regular basis. I do think, however, in many cases, the standard excuse for losing duels, which is..."we all see photos differently, and have different opinions as to what we like in an image" doesn't really hold water here.

This is a screen shot of a duel that my latest entry lost to...the opposing photo being in the animals category, where I have yet to see any animals and is in the wrong category, and I can't honestly imagine anyone would actually pick the shot on the right unless they were downvoting or simply voting without looking...but then, of course, I'm biased..but still irked that this seems to happen so much lately. Am I wrong here?

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Posted 6 years ago

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I have just disqualified this dummy lion picture from my love is undefined challenge for animals
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I don't know if it's downvoting but it sure as heck is inattentive voting. It makes our images' losses meaningless, really, when they lose like this ..... but that perhaps makes our wins just as meaningless. I know Pixoto has been trying to curtail careless voting, but it seems to be alive to me.
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it seems to be more about the popularity of the image rather than the quality here! It's quite sad actually.
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John, your image is definitely the better of the two images. The one to the right doesn't even qualify as an animal.
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The last two pictures I put up started with 5-6 losses vs just 1-2 wins. When I looked at the photos I lost to I was really at a loss to understand. But then over night they somehow climbed up to 550-600 points. It seems like I started out with a string of bad votes in both cases.
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Maybe it's just time I take a break from Pixoto instead of getting frustrated over something that won't ever be fixed.
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Hi John, we are aware there are still users that vote carelessly and don't pay attention to voting. We do block such users with our voting check, but in order to notice them they need to vote on images, so cases like yours (I'm not talking about wrong category, and I hope you have reported it) can happen without actually being the case user is trying to down-vote your photo (not saying that can not happen, but if user does that our flag voting system will get it too).
I am told that statistically bad votes are lower than they have ever been in our history.
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Jasenka, I am curious if your system also flags people who vote for images with watermarks, or images that obviously should not be in the stated category (a photo of a baby, for example, in a People duel, or a dog in an Animals duel, or flowers in a Nature Up Close duel, etc). The baby that shouldn't be in People or the photo with the watermark may very well be the better of the two photos in their duels, but that doesn't change the fact that the person who voted for the baby or the watermarked image wasn't paying attention.

If Pixoto is flagging that, great -- but if not, Pixoto is missing a significant portion of the "inattentive" votes.
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with all due respect, reporting does absolutely nothing, I have reported images three weeks ago, that are exact duplicates and guess what- still there. Clearly you are not watching the daily boards as mentioned before by pixoto staff- bc number one for the day in children has a watermark and is in the wrong category. Guess what- it was voted by the people who know watermarks are not allowed and yet- there it is at number one.

as far as bad votes being down,that may be true, but- it is still happening a LOT!!

this is not about me wanting to win, I am not even in the contest for today... I wish instead of trying to convince everyone we are over reacting to these issues, that pixoto would try to give the people who do bring these issues to attention some respect and fix what has been being pointed out by so many.

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