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Look at this photo and what it has lost against and tell me I am not wrong in thinking there is something wrong here?
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Posted 6 years ago

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One of the things I learned fairly quickly is that some people who have photos submitted in a category apparently intentionally vote for poor pictures in the same category when voting in Image Duals, to give their own photo(s) a better shot in the same category. And then there are some people who open up multiple accounts in order to vote on their own photos in Image Duals under the other accounts. If you have the time to check all the posts here in the last month, you will see people commenting on this.

Now, Pixoto will tell you they have a secret way for their computers to catch people who vote in patterns, but if the people are smart, they beat Pixoto's computer and it took just regular members to notify Pixoto of people using different accounts under the same and/or similar names/photos.

So, get prepared to have your blood pressure raised.

However, if I were you, I would consider going to that photo and Resubmit it. I've done that and my scores were often much higher.
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While I'm sure its possible that this happens (what Bridgette was describing) from some users, I wouldn't say its the main reason this photo isn't doing well. We've all encountered frustrations with great photos getting some bad scoring. I too have seen better results from the same photo just by resubmitting. In this case however, I don't see this photo doing that well. Its a nice shot but its up against some really great cat photos. I take a lot of shots of my dog and I used to think they were all great but after shooting for 2 years now, I can see how some of my dog shots just weren't that great. Hope the comments help. This site can be frustrating at times but for the most part I wouldn't put a lot of weight in the theory that you're being sabotaged or are falling victim to foul play. Keep up the good work though. You've got some great shots in your account.
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Brooke, just a word of advice, which of course you are free to ignore :-)

If you are going to put your photos up for competition here at Pixoto (or anywhere, for that matter) you can't take it personally. People vote for many reasons, and many people vote with very little attention as they're trying to rack up credits. And people are viewing Pixoto on different devices, on different screens, with different settings. What could look great on your computer might not look so great on someone else's cell phone. One of the reasons, I think, that the brightest photos get the most votes, besides their obvious appeal, is that those type of photos look good across the board, no matter what device is used to access Pixoto.

I sell my photographs and have done so for many, many years. My best sellers have always tanked when I've posted them here.

Don't take the losing duels too seriously, and don't take the winning duels too seriously either. This is all just a game :-)
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can't believe anybody going to all that trouble for the chance of an extra vote I hardly see a pic I know when i vote ,and one vote wont make a difference any way, and who thinks like that ?? ,
regardless i vote for the best pic ( in my opinion of course )
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brooke i had a look at that photo and it is obvious from the comments that this photo is one of your favorites. Its you pet and you remember its reaction to your flash and that is what you see when you look at it . I don't get that same feedback when I look at it I see a cat with its eyes closed and I always look for the eyes in a portrait animal or human . So in a lot of duels I would not vote for your cat sorry
I took a pic of my dog and I thinks its great , because its my dog ,But it did much worse than your cat . what did I learn from that pixoto people did not like that picture of my pet and i need to do better the tribe has spoken . So don't take it heart other people see thing differently to you and that is because you have an unique way of looking at the world as does everybody else

.here is the pic and as most people voted against it i not expecting you to like it either but is my dog and I love her
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FYI, you clearly had focus issues hurting you on your dog picture, but I otherwise thought it was a nice pose and a good looking/cute dog!
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Since you put your photo out there for judgement, I'm adding my two cents. Just one word of advice. In taking shots of animals, you need to take particular care of the eyes. Since animal faces can't easily convey as many emotions as a human, it's very important to show the eyes. That's why I always want to have a catchlight on my bird and animal shots in order to give the critters personality.

Your photo of the cat, though it's yawning and giving a little interest but you don't show the eyes. In fact they're closed and it's not a head on shot which made it more egregious.

Though I didn't encounter your photo in duels, I wouldn't have voted for it against the other cat photos.
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Thank you all for helping Brooke.

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