Increase the number of credits for uploading images and "get more votes" option

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Hi guys. As the number of images on rapidly increasing, it seems that it takes more and more time for an image to reach at least 150 votes (i consider 150 image duels minimum in order to evaluate perception of quality of my image have with other pixoto players)

I suggest you increase points needed for image upload from 10 to 15 or even 20, and also increase points that you need to spend in order to "get more votes" on certain image from 5 to 10.

That should increase the number of image duels shown to players and would cut the time for one image to get meaningful number of votes. What do you think about that? Cheers!
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Posted 9 years ago

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Pixoto says there's already plenty voting going on.
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We've actually got way more votes than we need and have been debating reducing the credits required to 5 instead of 10. We think this is a barrier for photographers sharing more images and we want as few barriers as possible.
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i agree with u jason
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Jason, I believe (but would like to know thoughts of other Pixoto members too)
that most of us here are firstly interested in following how our own images are doing and competing with others because that's what makes this website fun. I like to see against what images have I lost and won. We are also here to present and expose our images to as many people as possible. Only at the distant third place is concern about who will win and whose image will be the best in specific category.

The new system that you have implemented is taking fun out of us seeing how our images are progressing through the competition during one or two weeks before the rewards are given. I do not doubt that your algorithm can fairly accurately determine the number of points and the position of the new image a player uploads in a very short period of time, but you are taking the fun and excitement from us players. If I upload the image which gets between 30 and 50 duels during the first 12 hours and then nothing happens for days I do not have reason to come back and enjoy your site. I liked coming back over and over every day, getting more votes and seeing against who I won or lost. Then I go and check the portfolio of players that won against my image so I can learn.

After you implemented a new system I can upload several images, check them few times during the first 12 hours and then not log in at all until I have some new ones to upload.

I don't know if this makes sense to other Pixoto members?

Cheers guys!

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nothing moves anymore. if you go to the category and see paused shots with around the same or less duels as yours and unpause them, that used to force more battles and get you moving but no more. they just sit and sit and your are right it is no fun at all to see your shot get 50 to 70 duels and then freeze and you can't do anything about it. And yet admin keeps saying that it does slow down at 100 votes....hmmmm no way...mine stop and freeze much sooner. Just is starting to seem shady to me.
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I'm new to pixoto, but definitely agree with Sasha. The first image I uploaded has received less than 100 duels and is not paused, but has not received any new duels in a while.

Maybe we as users are not understanding what you are doing, but I think we'd like to see our images in more duels. The suggestion to increase the number of credits required to upload/unpause images seems to us a way to increase the number of duels in which our images will compete.

I'd much rather see my image paused (not just sitting there not getting duels) after losses to a series of images, than to have my image with a favorable win/loss ratio and no duels occuring.
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Fairly new here so I have no way to compare with the old system, but I think I agree with the others: if you say there's plenty of votes coming in, please use those to make sure images get more votes rather than to decrease the number of credits required to upload or unpause.

I can understand you are only interested in seeing how the top 20% compare to each other for accuracy, but 80% of us also want to know how our pictures do even if we don't get up there. The fact that unpausing always results in my pictures rising further to me means they have been paused too soon in almost every case.
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I think that Sasha has made some good point, but perhaps there may be another path to getting the goal: better visibility of our images in more duels, as well as more objective placement from the very bottom to the absolute top of leader boards.

Right now, the un-pausing, duel boosting and resubmitting cost way to much credits, meaning voting, meaning Our Precious Time.

Since pure lowering the credit numbers, needed to move images in play, will not solve that problem of - evidently inaccurate, careless, sloppy or malicious voting, nothing substantial will happen by that simple "grant" to Players.

Only, more and more photographs will flood in, sometimes even 35 or more of the same subject, same player, same category - At Once! Pixoto is not a garbage truck, nor it should become one.

So, how about the - Third Way! :)

Restrict following numbers:

a) the number of images that each player can submit into a single category per day / week / month
b) reduce number of awarded images per category per One Player - to - 1! That would by default lose the interest in flooding the (sub)categories with tons of very similar images, submitted by single author
c) reduce the number of categories in which any Player can participate daily / weekly.


d) Discontinue Cash Prizes!!

We will then have:

1) less - almost - duplicate images in contest, which would reduce confusion while voting and boost voting accuracy
2) many more winning authors than now, because, there would not be possible for one player to take 5 or more awards, day by day, week by week.... (please, check "Landscape / Nature" subcategories and you'll know what I am writing about)

And it is to be assumed that...

3) with less (similar) images in contests, there will be "free space" for more duels' allocation to new and existing images.

Doing that and the planed Category overhaul, preparing some guidance for categorization and for voting, that would be just enough (a lot of work), to Accent:

- Fun, Quality and Joy in participating at Pixoto!

Greetings from sunny Croatia

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