Image rank not reflecting dual results. Loosing image appears above winning image with a 2 win 5 loss ratio.

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Current 1st place holder in typography is "coffee" with a score of 755. My "gold fish A" currently has a score of 739. Over "all time" my gold fish follows the coffee entry. However in dual history they have been dualed 7 times. I won 5 times. Coffee won just 2 times.

5 wins
2 losses

The voters chose gold fish over coffee- so doesn't gold fish belongs before coffee- not after in the over all line up? What's the point of voting if the results don't reflect what we vote for?

Leaving room for erroneous voting is understandable -but I believe once an image wins 3 times more than the other in a repeated dual, it should be considered an accurate opinion- and the image should get placed in front of the loosing image.

5 wins has to rank higher than 2 wins or the voting process is flawed.

And before anyone accuses something like that I just don't like being beaten- that's not important to me. I'm not competitive like that.

This is about any image's position needing to be an accurate reflection of the dual results.

These two images happen to provide a clear example of what has been happening that needs correcting. I think the coffee image was a clever idea!
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Hello J, I think this link will be helpful:

You can not just look at duels between just two photos, you need to look at all duels. For instance if his two wins happened to your photo while his photo was early after submittion and your photo already was high in the leaderboard, he would have gotten more score then your 5 wins against his photo if they happened when both photos were approximatelly in the same position on the leaderboard, and that is exactly how the algorythm should work (you gain more score by beating much higher ranked image then yours, and less beating same level images).

Hope this helps.
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J's point and I agree is that it should not matter how early or late in the process voting occurs, if one image conistently loses against another it should be ranked infront of it. The algorithym should have some basis in statistics that can be proven to show that the math is an accurate predictor of one image being better than another. If you show that image to seven people and five tell you that it is not better than the other image then the math falls apart! Your algorithym needs to take into account that one image has been compared to another a specific number of times and the results of those comparisons and should rank the more consistent winner higher. Obviously, your algorithym does not take this into account. I would venture to guess that it has no awareness of which image is which.

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