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Even though the pixoto site isn't functioning optimally at the moment, and each and everyone has something to complain about, I respect the manner Jasenka tries to answer all. Often she is a target of frustration, anger and sarcasm (including me) but she on the whole tries to keep an unbiased pose. I salute you Jasenka, you have a difficult job. All that's fault with Pixoto comes to your doorstep and you are handling every topic respectfully.

This is just a bow to your professionalism.
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John Phielix

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Posted 5 years ago

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Absolutely agree!
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Jasenka, Official Rep

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Thank you Lenore :)
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Jasenka, Official Rep

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Thank you for kind words John, I really appreciate that :)
I'm really happy if I can help and fix (if I can) any problem (or answer question) that any user have.
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I really agree. Thanks for recognizing her John, so very kind of you. She. Does very well answering all of our questions. She needs the recognition. Thanks mrs Jasenka.
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Bruno Brunetti

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Absolutely agree. Thank you Jasenka
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Ad Spruijt

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fully agree! thx Jasenka!
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Tim Hall

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Yes, who can we contact in order to get Jasenka a raise?
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Augie Juliano

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Tim more like a partnership
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Thanks, Jasenka! Appreciate your help!
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People tend to forget but thanks to John for the reminder. Especially to Jasenka for the the help and being fair in this site.
God bless you Jasenka.
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Mia Ikonen

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I totally agree with you all and I also want to thank you Jasenka - your job isn't easy and you do it very well!
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I need to jump on this bandwagon. Jasenka has come to my rescue more than once. I don't always like the answer, "I will pass that on to management.", but I know that it the correct and appropriate response that she must often give. I do appreciate that responses generally come quickly, are always professional, and most often are very helpful.

So, thank-you, Jasenka.
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I totally agree! Thanks Jasenka for your prompt replies. :)
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Ciprian Apetrei

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A good point, we have a lot of reasons to thank Jasenka!
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Augie Juliano

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Jasenka is the only reason this site continues to have some of the problems fixed. She is the front person for pixoto and they need to give her more support. WE all owe her a great deal of appreciation for all her hard work.

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Jasenka, Official Rep

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Thank you all for such kind words! I will do my best to continue at least at this level and to improve as much as I can.

Again, thank you all !
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Nick Goetz

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Jasenka's grace and diplomacy go a long way in taking the edge off.

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Terry Gower

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Totally agree with everyone, thanks for all your efforts Jasenka!!
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Michael Moore

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Totally agree with all the comments posted. I have always experienced prompt courteous responses. Deserves recognition from Pixoto.
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Claire ~ Chinchilla Photography

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Totally agree! Thanks so much Jasenka! Fantastic job you do Xx
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Tupu Kuismin

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Fred Herring

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Thanks Jasenka!!!!
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Renos Hadjikyriacou

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I am a great secret admirer of Jasenka`s professionalism and her abundance of patience, all to often she has to repeat and answer "old Stories" over and over again.
Jasenka, in my eyes you are doing a great job, i have great respect and hope for you, Pixoto does the same and appriciates your work as much as we all here do!
Thank you and keep up the good work!!!
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Jasenka, Official Rep

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Thank you all again!! Now I'm blushing :)

You have all really touched me, and I'm happy that I do make a difference and that I can actually help :)

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