Further validation of credits over money or prizes produces more honest voting environment

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The following is in no way an attempt to promote my photos or photography, but to emphasize a suggestion I made earlier concerning substituting the awarding of a cash prize for weekly category winners to awarding credits instead.

Case in point:

I submitted the above image, which I was extremely excited about, into the contest for September 24th at around 9pm EDT. In the course of three hours, before I headed to bed, the image had reached a score of 817. When I awoke the next morning and checked the score, it had only dropped three points and was sitting at 814. I think the won/loss duel figures were something like 100 wins/28 losses and definitely headed for photo of the week in it's category. Then, in the next 24 hours, the image suffered a 2 wins/20 losses duel record and fell like a rock to a score of 750, a loss of 67 points. It now stands at 747 for a total loss of 70 points. I checked all the images I had lost to and suffice it to say, I personally felt only a handful of those losses could have been valid and justified votes. I don't know how many of you have ever suffered a 70 point drop but I suspect this shot might win the dubious award of biggest drop in contest history.

When I entered this shot, I personally felt like I had captured an exceptional image, with a lot of luck involved, a beautifully colored bird tossing a worm in the air to catch it and re-position it in it's mouth. I caught the worm in mid air with good clarity on the bird and worm, which I felt made for an interesting shot, but because we have this system of awarding a cash prize for weekly winners, the down voters and the biased voters and those who personally can identify certain people's work had their way.

Forward to today:

Today, this same shot won the judges award in Milton Moreno's challenge Amazing Birds. This was the only shot I entered in a challenge with 1072 entries. There was no cash award and no prizes awarded in this community challenge, as is the case in all community challenges. There was no incentive to down vote my image because the end reward for the judge's award was CREDITS and not cash.

So, from these two experiences, this is what I take away from it all. When credits are the end prize, the contest promotes a much more valid and honest voting pool who are far less likely to screw with an already much maligned voting system because there is nothing in it for them...namely, credits instead of cash!

My ralling call is now: CREDITS, NOT CASH!
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Posted 6 years ago

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This totally sums up the absurdity of the Pixoto system. A loss of 70 points would make me sick. Once a high score like yours was is reached, the photo should be taken out of the duels and left alone. Like I said some time ago, Pixoto system would take the medals off the Olympic athletes just because someone else comes along and gets a better result, and that's totally unjustified and outrageous. Your image WAS exceptional and would have deserved to keep its best achieved score. As long as great photographers on this site keep losing what they have worked hard to achieve, Pixoto will never really be considered as a "good" photography site.
I would also be interested to see the photos that were "supposedly" better in duels than yours...
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I agree with John the cash prize should go it is nothing more than a carrot on a stick aimed to draw new players into the community, but it has been proven to be a pie in the sky award that is rarely awarded in any substance, and now it is spoiling the validity of the voting too !!

Cailin You cant stop an image from duelling just because its reached a high score as much as we would all like to, but if the voting system was sorted it wouldn't need to be.

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