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hi Sherry im Dheny Patungka

i want to say fuck to you sherry underson
the stupid employee ..

she is delete my new account even delete my own photos..

why she is very hate me to join pixoto??
that couse i always won #1 everyday??

Okay i will leave pixoto...
you can terminate me ...
i hope you enjoy

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De Nhee

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Posted 7 years ago

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Normally I wouldn't bother responding to something like this but I am wondering who do you think you are De Nhee? You have blatantly broken the rules here at Pixoto by using other peoples work as part of yours then you get all indignant when you are caught out.

Your account was suspended so you go and create another. Having your friends come on here and back you up does not diminish the fact that you have managed get get awards on the back of other peoples creativity and passed it off as 100% your own. Pixoto's rules are clear, you must create all the parts that you use in your submissions.

There is no excuse for plagiarism, you are nothing more than a thief in my eyes and in the eyes of those that know what you where doing. Winning on here should be about what you can do with a camera not what you can steal from others.

Abusing Sherry or anyone else on here does you no good. I am sure there are other sites out there that welcome your talents but not here, not in the manner you produced them.
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Lissa Apples

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Dear De (aka Dheny),

I would like you to know that while Sherry may be the one to delete accounts, it was a community-wide effort to expose the wrong-doings abundant in your account. We found many instances where you either used free stock photos in the creation of your artwork (which is against Pixoto policy) and even stole photos from others that were not licensed for stock.

Many of us were angry and felt deceived that we had voted on some of your images, to include images with the stolen work of others. Some of us went out of our way to find the violations and report them to the Pixoto team, and we implored them to take action on your account.

It was not a personal attack against you, and had nothing to do with your #1 spots. Had your artwork been a compilation of ALL your OWN work, and had they been placed in the appropriate category (a 4 photo composite does not a "candid" image make) nobody would have been mad at you; we would have celebrated your work for what it is.

Your classless approach on this thread, however, justifies the lengths that we went to in reporting your violations, and proves just how arrogant you are.

Good luck to you in the future.

Saya ingin Anda tahu bahwa sementara Sherry mungkin satu untuk menghapus akun, itu upaya masyarakat luas untuk mengekspos salah-perbuatan berlimpah di akun Anda. Kami menemukan banyak contoh dimana Anda baik menggunakan saham gratis foto dalam penciptaan karya seni Anda (yang terhadap kebijakan Pixoto) dan bahkan mencuri foto dari orang lain yang tidak berlisensi untuk saham.

Banyak dari kita marah dan merasa tertipu bahwa kita telah memilih beberapa gambar Anda, untuk memasukkan gambar dengan karya dicuri orang lain. Sebagian dari kita keluar dari cara kami untuk menemukan pelanggaran dan melaporkannya kepada tim Pixoto, dan kita memohon mereka untuk mengambil tindakan pada account Anda.

Itu bukan serangan pribadi terhadap Anda, dan tidak ada hubungannya dengan bintik-bintik #1 Anda. Telah karya seni Anda kompilasi dari semua pekerjaan Anda sendiri, dan mereka telah ditempatkan di kategori yang sesuai (gabungan foto 4 tidak membuat "terang" gambar) tidak ada akan menjadi marah pada Anda; kami akan merayakan Anda bekerja untuk apa.

Pendekatan Anda classless di thread ini, bagaimanapun, membenarkan panjang bahwa kami pergi ke dalam pelaporan pelanggaran Anda, dan membuktikan betapa sombong Anda.

Good luck untuk Anda di masa depan.
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So, De Nhee, what do you do besides steal other people's photos to make up your own images, and of course, being an asshole?
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What a childlike unpleasant little bunny you are De Nhee - you sound like you have thrown your toys out of the pram and are stamping your little feet on the floor - sad

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