Duplicates & He wins best photographer of the year?

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I am looking at this guy Jbern Eugenio's album and what do I see? Duplicates after duplicates after duplicates! Is he re-posting all his shots? Might very well be! What are the admins doing about this? Nothing i can see so far. And what is the end result? The guy is in the Best Photographer 2011 list and in 2012 still duplicating his shots or re-posting. You call this kind of person a photographer? My goodness..
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Posted 9 years ago

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Hi everyone,

I really recommend those who need to let off some steam take my advice.

Like Kevin I also haven't used Pixoto for almost a year now. The only thing that compelled me to even log back in was the sudden burst of activity in this forum which i commented on way back when I started using Pixoto. I actually just wanted to pass on my opinion about all of this.

Pixoto was the first photography social community I ever joined so naturally at first it was pretty exciting and rewarding to watch my photos be rated and win awards. I was a fairly active member for about 2 months... Until i discovered the underlying dissatisfaction of many Pixoto members about the duplicate winners. This drove me to dig deeper and eventually led me to many angry forums much like this one which compelled me to join the debate.

Very quickly I realized that I was wasting my breath because the Pixoto forums were and still are riddled with this topic and still the debate seems to resemble an extremely boring game of ping pong between two enraged baboons on crack.

I left Pixoto because of this negativity and unfairness long ago and honestly I've never looked back, I have since been a proud and active member of another more well thought out social photography community. There's plenty of competition, plenty of awards and a very active and positive community of kind and talented photographers, but the best thing of all there are NO RANKINGS! Which I love!

No photographer can be ranked or rated higher than another, it's purely about acknowledging your peers work and what goes around comes around. The big plus is there are sponsored and free competitions for everyone to enter and have your work JUDGED BY REAL JUDGES! Not the communtiy. The prizes are high quality, you can sell your work and the community is endorsed by inspiring photographers such as Trey Ratcliff.

Pixoto started out as a great idea but as sad as it is to say I believe Pixoto is becoming the "MySpace" of photography social networks, It's fading into the shadow of much bigger and better structured networks. I wouldn't be surprised if Pixoto have more dormant user accounts than they do active accounts.

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I'm only a two-day old member. As an amateur I want to

(1) Display some of my work... amateur or not. :) Also see how it's judged by others and get feedback.
(2) Look at and learn from the techniques and methods of other photographers. Important for a newbie!

Yes I definitely do select "all photos in this category for the week" to check for inspiration and ideas, and the rampant duplications and similarities are obvious to this 2-day old member. (2) for me is impossible here and kinda defeats my purpose.

I think the creators of Pixoto based their designs on the failings of 500px, unfortunately because of the rewards involved, people will go to extreme lengths to cheat the system.

I still have to give my commendations to Jason and his team for the efforts. However this may be very difficult for you. You can't expect the admins to spend all their time cracking down these problems! They are just going to be a few people against a lot.

Just like to point out to Jason that duplication also affects the variety of stocks you can get! Unless of course, it actually doesn't affect your business model. For e.g. Not a lot of buyers really purchase stocks from the challenges and go to your stock section instead.

If the team really wants to tackle this issue, you'll have to do something very brave and radical with your rules that may affect your business model in a big way...

Like appointing trusted senior members as admins...
... or giving T-shirts and mugs for rewards instead. :P

Oh yeah, I'll be off too, to find the place that Mark Wills was talking about. Best regards to Jason and the team! Maybe this will be an awesome place a year or two later!
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Wing Yau Au Yeong, thank you for your suggestions and for trying to help us make PIXOTO a better photographic community :) we will take your suggestions into consideration and are working all the time to improve the site.
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Please check this out in the weekly challenge:


Nr 5 the same picture as above but rotated and B&W:

Nr 3 the pictur efrom above but manipulated with photoshop. this photo belongs in digital art.

Is this allowed?
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identical exif all three... Oh dear!
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I actually reported them early this morning thank you for the report
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Good one!
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I have read many of these comments. And it seems that pixoto has become a useless tool and lacks. this user below has many duplicates and has had, there are hundreds of others. so ... while we all where excited to something different at first it has died.

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I'm sorry you feel that way. Regardless of how many images that are miscategorized or very similar images are submitted I feel that Pixoto has a lot to offer. We are working diligently on ways to reduce both of these issues however.

You are right about that user though. She has been given a final warning and if she continues to upload similar images her account will be deleted.

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