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I was watching some recent duels of some pictures I submited/resubmited today and some pictures that had good start (cca 5 to 1 w/l ratio) start dueling very good score pictures (600+ points) while they still have around 300points. Ok that is to determine quality of picture, your algorythm... etc.
But here is what bugs me - picture submited today is in competition for daily award and it is dueling with hi-scoring images that already have daily, weekly, monthly and some even yearly award? And usualy picture "waits" those pictures to duel. Isn't daily award for best pictures of that day? So then it should compete with pictures that were submited that day - not a month or year old picture that has awards. And then that would be real daily award. Same thing for weekly, monthly and yearly awards - this is what I had in mind:

Daily award - only pictures submited that day duel one another for winner - after day passes it starts dueling for->

Weekly awards - only pictures submited that week duel one another for winner - after week passes ->

Monthly awards - same scheme as before - only dueling in month for winner - >

Yearly awards - only in that year

All time - all older than current year

It seems more fair and accurate than current system in which new picture duels agains picure with awards for day,week, month and year and has nothing to loose (award or points).

I wonder what rest of community this about this suggestion, so feedback would be appriciated.

Thank you for reading this.
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Posted 7 years ago

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Hello Matko,

Your image would duel other images with like scores, regardless of the age of the image (within the year) it has to duel these other images in order to gain (or lose ) rank on the leaderboard,

Very simply put, you you had a leader board with ten spots, and images ranked 1-10, and only one image can hold each numbered spot. When you submit a new image it must challenge each of those placements in order to find it's own rank. Of course Pixoto's system is more complex, it has decimal points on rank that are not seen when you look at your image score. I hope this helped though.
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Hi Sherry,

well my image didn't duel images with like score but images with 200-300 points more than my picture at the time.

For example yesterday leading pictures had much worse w/l ratio about 10/9 and were in 550-580 points - only more duels (50-60 duels), while my picture with ratio 5/1 was on hold or dueling very slowly and in 4+ hours only managed to do 17 duels.

Basicaly my picture was penalized for good start and had to wait older, hi-scoring images to duel (that don't even compete for that days award because they already got awards) and because of that it didn't have chance to win any award for that day - and now chance for daily award has passed.

If it had worse w/l ratio it would duel more with pictures with lesser score and maybe it would get some award without excellent score...

This doesen't make sense - you get penalized for starting great, and only duel top pictures that have awards while you are trying to get award and pictures with worse ratio duel more and "easier" pictures and gather points to take a win.

I know I am not best photographer and don't think my pictures are best but I do like a fighting chance especialy when picture starts good and it gives me hope it could get some award.

Also about that picture has to find its own rank - yes I know only one image can hold each spot - but picture that already got awards holds that spot for that given day, week, month... and your picture can't take it away but that picture can spoil chance for your picture to get award, so it is a one way street for new picture...

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