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Are you aware that you can 'right click and save image as', on the Image Dual TM ...? Obviously we are told not to upload with our logo, and I'm worried that someone may steal my images, and use as their own, as I'm sure others would be concerned too. Can you get an urgent fix in place, so we are protected. And no I wasn't stealing, I nearly dropped my mouse and right clicked by accident trying to catch it!! Which I'm glad happened or I wouldn't have known!!!
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While disabling right clicking helps, the only way to be sure no one on the internet steals your images is to not put them there in the first place. Anyone with any real computer knowledge can steal any image they want off the internet even if right clicking is disabled.
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I will mention this to Scott. I know he has secured the right click function on image detail pages. The ImageDuel images are pretty small. You can't do much with them, but I'll bet we can do a little more to secure them. Thanks for pointing this out!
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The duel images are small but using url manipulation, you can download a bigger resolution with the way I mentioned on my post. Thanks
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Justin , I read in this forum about the problem . On my PC , this is not possible. At right click , no window is opening.
But I tried on my Ipod, and I can save as many photos I want. And not from the Image Duel. I can enter on the photo and give SAVE Image as.
Because you spoke about the intention of stock photography, I can understand people in Pixoto have a real concern . Thanks
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Hi, one way to circumvent the disabled right-click is using firebug or other development tools. Just inspect the elements of the Image duel page there you will get the link for the image...

With this I suggest we put a watermark on the images, even a word PIXOTO over the image at least to prevent illegal use if the images like those on micro-stock services.
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Yes why don't you imprint PIXOTO on all images. That's a good idea.... Then if anyone steals them, they cannot use them...
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Nice idea!
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I really hope that doesn't happen. I hate to look at photos and see a watermark.

I think you should except the realities of the internet and just copyright your work. 1) If somebody does use it, you sue them. 2) Think of having your work on the internet as a marketing tool, you want to sell yourself and your services not the images specifically. Pixoto addresses this well (though not perfectly) by adding the hire me button for pro accounts.

Really if you have images that can sell as stock photography, there are already plenty of outlets for that.
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good idea
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We have talked about placing a Pixoto watermark on all images throughout the site. This is definitely on our radar and will become necessary as we look to launch stock sales for members.

As for the iOS issue, we have come up with a solution and will release it as soon as we can! Thanks for your patience.
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Cannot always say where someone got an image from, but this morning we found a member marked as stocked, with a bunch of top pixoto awards that uploaded an image. Now the image is an relative instant hit this morning.

Now this image was copied, cropped to remove the pixoto watermark (since the tog own watermark is not at the bottom, right hand corner). Flipped and desaturated to make it black and white.


Now we really do not need such members on pixoto. Can all photographers please look if any of his images are actually theirs, but just manipulated?

Can Pixoto also look into this tog, and if possible, ban him for ever?
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This was fixed a long long time ago. You should not be able to right click save images during dueling. At Pixoto we are very interested in keeping your images safe. Please let us know if you have any other concerns.

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