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I would like to be able to choose categories for image duels, i shoot people and that is what i like to look at. I find the noumerous insects, waterscapes and landscapes to be a bit overwhelming and taking the fun out of it for me.
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Sara Norrehed

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Posted 9 years ago

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Hi Sara,

You shoot people, eh? :-)

In all seriousness, we can't let you choose to view only images of Portraits and People or something similar as that is also the category you are going to be submitting into. This would make it a lot easier to influence the results through your own voting. Not to say that you would, but others would. We deal with it every day.

We have worked very hard to basically eliminate the ability for users to cheat in order to increase their chances of winning.

While we can't allow you to duel only people, we have thought about letting you opt-out of seeing images from one or two categories you really dislike. Let me know your thoughts on that.

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Sara Norrehed

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Yeah I understand your point of view, and I like the idea of being able to opt out of viewing just a couple of categories, that would be perfect!
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Sara Norrehed

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btw I might put "I shoot people" on a tshirt and use it as my new slogan... I'll have to put that on the not-native-in-english account ;)
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I like having everyone vote on every topic. I think it helps us judge what appeals the general population, as opposed to other photographers who shoot the same thing.
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Sara Norrehed

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David I think that is true only as long as the interest for the photos remain.

It is very interesting to see what appeals to the general population, but I rather have people that actually look at my photos judge them than people that go "uhh another wedding picture" just clicking randomly to get to the next duel.

I have not been a member for long but already feel like I have seen my share of macro shots of four-eyed spiders and butterflies on flowers. They do not interest me anymore and my mind hits snooze. I quite often skip those kind of images anyway so why not just spare me the trouble?

Probably someone else feel the same way for women portraits, wedding shots or any other category.
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Dave Boyd

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I pass on wedding shots, outrageously over saturated and HDR'd landscapes and sleeping babies....I like the opt out of a category or 2 idea.
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I'm against shooting people :p

What I actually mean to say is that people photography just isn't my cup of tea and I would love to be able to opt out of these categories. I often catch myself wanting to vote for the most beautiful woman/cutest kid/most handsome man instead of for actual photographic quality, and I have to force myself to try and look further, but that is not easy without any experience in those areas.
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Tigi Borg

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Opting out a few categories that annoy particular Player, may help getting more fair votes.

It is simple. If player doesn't like flowers, it may happen that he/she votes randomly just "to get rid of it from screen". More serious is that such player may not know a bit about shooting that kind of photography, so even if not being careless, may not understand why this or that photo is better than the other. Not nicer, but - Better! :)

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