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I believe there is organised cheating occurring in the voting. I am aware that you state that you can recognise poor voting however I have serious doubts that this is effective. It seems with your algorithms that the early voting is crucial so even just a relatively small number of poor votes early on have a dramatic effect on the final outcome.
Perhaps one way of reducing the opportunity to cheat would be to not display(anywhere in Pixoto) the name of the submitter until the days votes are finished... this would have to include not displaying the new submission on the contributors page until the day is finished also?.. you would need to have a submitter only access for images submitted for the day.
Your problem is that you offer monetary incentives...this attracts the cheaters and they may well be far more sophisticated than you think...perhaps you could have separate competitions for those who want to compete for cash and those who just want to display their work? As I see it Pixoto has far too many images that are essentially the same..they may well be of high quality however there is nothing original in a great proportion of them...cheers
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Posted 8 years ago

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I have often wondered.
There are photographers in my regular categories that I have noticed always seem to rise to the top 10 no matter what. Sometimes their images are fabulous, but their "average" or even "below average" work also manages to rank quite high. I'm trying really hard to ensure it's not my competitiveness or jealousy that makes me think that way... but sometimes I look and say "really? that's a 650+ photo?"
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you are both right. At least I feel the same. Also the number of votes is strange. There are (non pro member) pictures getting around 40-50 votes a day and others with less than 20 votes a day. Somehow, the whole voting is unfair.

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