Best Photographers of the Year Awards schedule?

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Now that 2014 is here, will there be a schedule of Best Photographers Awards for each category being published anytime soon?
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Posted 7 years ago

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top photographer of the year should not count points at all- we don't want to reward those that cheated all year. Submitting a lot of images doesn't make a photographer good either.

What makes a top photographer is someone who has scored the highest, the most times, with completely unique images.

To me- only one of a winning composition should be counted. This would discourage over using a winning concept- like dropping colorful bell peppers and citrus into water. The person who won 2 months using very different images is a better photographer than the one who wins 8 months with very similar pictures. Its harder to come up with totally original ideas. Those that win by duplicating the composition of a winner is a copycat.

The best photographers are those who are able to think up compositions that have never been photographed before. And they are able to do it repeatedly. You can't fake true vision. Either photographers have it or they work hard to imitate it.

The photographer that only enters 10 images all year long- and all 10 are unique and winners- this isn't luck. This is a far better photographer than one who submits 3,000 high scoring images and has 30 wins- but they are all pretty similar or are copies of other photographers concepts.

Just my opinion
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So if I understand you correctly, you are talking about Top Player rankings for the year and transferring those ranking numbers to Best Photographers of the Year. I think in some case, such as yours, Ralph, this would be an equitable solution. For many of us it would not.

The tog, who is say, no. 1 in player rankings for the year in Animals has that ranking because he got a number of top ten scores and submitted between 20 and 40 images per day. But if you take his top ten scores average, I believe he ends up around no. 5 in that category for the year. Right now I think I will end up 3rd and I was 3rd in player rankings, so either way I'm in the top 5, which is my goal every year. However, to put someone ahead of me whose top score image was the same as mine (775), six of his ten top images scored below my lowest top ten scoring image, and entered more than 2400 images than I, ending up no. 1 in player rankings, somehow doesn't compute.

Another example would be Roy Husada, who is no. 8 in player rankings in Animals, but who will be the clear runaway no. 1 in that category with his ten sparrow shots, four of them scoring in the 800's.

This is not to say I don't empathize with your position and working so hard to achieve your goals, but in the two plus years I have been on this site it has always come down to your average top scoring ten images, and I don't see that changing without a firestorm from members who believe you should be entering your best photos, in other words, quality not quantity.
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I can see there is a lot of passion around this discussion. All arguments are valid but we have chosen a path in the past that we plan on sticking with. Here's a quick rationale:

Photographers who submit very high number of images show up high in the player leader-board and have lots of awards. The annual leader-boards are persistent and a photographer that is on the top for a year will stay on the top always. We believe this to be a desirable outcome.

The photographer of the year awards are a way to recognize photographers who have truly amazing imagery who may not be as active on the site. These photographers may win some awards but will not show up high in the player leader-board. The photographer of the year awards were designed to recognize this and that is why we focus on the top 10 images in a category.

We have a history of doing it this way and thus making any kind of change requires a clear rationale for doing so. I believe that given the variety of the opinions on this matter that there is not a clear better choice and thus for this year we will stick with the existing methodology.

I hope this helps.

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