Back Button For Image Dual?

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So would it be possible to but some kind of back button or another tool that would enable you to go back to the last 2 pics in image duel? For example: I chose my favorite of the 2 images being displayed, but as soon as I click on the image, I notice, albeit to late, that it has a watermark, or something else I missed that would make me wanna pick the other image. Not a big deal just thought this would be a way to pick the right image without spending too much time thoroughly examining each image. Just a suggestion, hope if its not to big of a problem you guys could make this an available option, so us mistake making humans can correct our accidental picks :)
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Aaron Peggs

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Posted 8 years ago

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This is a decent idea. I can imagine mistakes do happen at times and it would be convenient to be able to go back and correct.

Not sure if we'll do this or not, but I'm interested to see what others think.
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Jenny Zhang

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Agree for back button. 1 step back is sufficient.
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Rafael Uy

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I also agree to have a back button. I also made several mistakes during the image duels. I agree with Jenny Zhang, 1 step back is sufficient.
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Mark Zouroudis

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I have done it a couple time. looked at one image forget to move the pointer and realise all too late that I have voted for the wrong pic. yep, one step back would be handy.
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Petrina Missons

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Have to agree, just sometimes this would be useful... my cat voted the other day when he jumped on my lap when i had my ipad... i didn't think much of his choice!! lol
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Patrick Hayes

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my mouse pad is very touchy. i have sometimes voted for the wrong image and a back button would cure that.
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Aaron Peggs

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Well at the very least you all have added some very good points to the topic, hope it gets implemented!
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Yes please - exactly that - especially for the watermark, etc. issues! Please!
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Great idea and I totally agree. Sometimes it happens that our lines are slow (this is South Africa you know) and once I've voted on a pic it takes some time for the next pic to show up and sometimes it takes so long that it skips to the next category before I could even click. Sometimes it happens just when I clicked and then I've voted for a photo I did not want to vote for.
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