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There have been many members, including myself, who have complained about seeing some of their images reach a very high score and then, as human nature would have it, fall victim to down voters, who, for a variety of reasons, don't want to see your image go any higher. I have chronicled how I had an image soar to a score of 817 in three hours of dueling and then in the next 24 hours it dropped a whopping 70 points. Looking at the majority of images this shot had lost to it was obvious it wasn't a matter of losing to superior images, but that's water over the dam.

What I wish I had had was a little button on that image marked "Stop Duel" which, when I clicked on it, my image would have stayed at that 817 score and would have ceased dueling, even though there was a chance it may have gone higher in subsequent duels, top scoring images invariably will go down.

A "stop duel" button would not only be good for those who feel that can attain very high scores for their images, but would also be good for the majority of togs who all have different levels and goals they want to see their images attain. Those whose images are stuck in the 500 level and have had shots break into the 600 level and then drop down would now be able to stop duels of their image when it reached say a score of 635, just as an example. Pixoto could put a limit on the number of duels an image must attain before the "stop duel" button could be activated. 100 duels, 75 duels, 50 duels...some number that would show a representative score on the quality and interest of the image. My image I referred to above was at a score of 814 with 99 duels, which is more than representative of what that image should have scored.

Pixoto's theory that only by continual dueling can you ascertain where your image should ultimately settle in, in my humble opinion, holds no credence. There will always be people and large groups of people making sure that their photos are not passed by yours in score, especially if you are in the running for a weekly prize. That's just the nature of the cash beast.

So I'm putting the "stop duel" button suggestion out there and would love to hear from other togs as to their opinions on this, and, of course would also like to know what Pixoto thinks of this suggestion. A "stop duel" button on every image with a specified number of duels completed before being able to stop your image from dueling. Period.
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Posted 6 years ago

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Same here i have had one of my images go to 827 but now has current score of 797, still high though but your right there should be duel on/off button.
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Thank you for suggestion John, I'll forward it to the management.
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I appreciate the suggestion it is one we haven't considered in the past.

The way imageDuel is designed there is a natural tendency for good images to rise fast and then settle to a final score. There can on occasion lead to rapid over shooting followed by some descent. Once an image is established in a final range, it starts to move more slowly, as the algorithm feels that it has arrived at the 'correct' score.

Stopping an image from dueling would cause two major issues. The first is it would artificially stop some images at too high a score. The second is that it would mean that new images coming in would not be ranked relative to these images, breaking the duel system.

Over the years we have done a great deal to break up voting blocks and limit their affect on the score of individual images. If you feel that you have examples where an image was voted down in favor of another I would be more than happy to look into it. Please feel free to send me the link to the image and let me know what you are seeing.

I really appreciate this suggestion, and we take all such ideas very seriously. In this case we feel that the negatives would out weigh the positives but I would be happy to look into the issues that you are seeing to find a solution.

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Thanks for your response, Morgan and I fully understand your reasoning behind your decision. Onward and upward.

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