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Conversations 41 - 60 of 11511
Photo of Антонина Герай
Change birth name
#200824-145007-458000Hello, I am an IMDbPro member. I want to change my name from Antonina Chizhikova to Nina Gerai or Antonina Gerai. I ...
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Photo of lchukhin
Troubled by posting suicide
Today I started contributing to the database by researching cause of death. In some cases, the cause of death is suicide, and the manner ...
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Photo of Levo
Lobster - Cast list is a mess
The IMDB as it is, sucks on many of the movie cast lists. I tried correcting some, providing text explanations. All I get is "declined" b...
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Photo of Justin Hunt
Refund request
Hello, I’ve sent a customer service email to you guys referring to my refund inquiry. Wanted to ensure you received it. Thanks
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Photo of Andranik Sahakyan
Hi, I want to remove a poster image from the IMDB page. The thing is that we made a mistake and uploaded the wrong poster, so the quality...
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