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Photo of Stephen Mercer
Why can't I log into IMBD?
Every time I try to log into IMDB, I get a blank screen. If they don't want people to post, then they should just say so, instead of gre...
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Photo of Mongo
Kelly Preston Trivia Conflict
There is a conflict between two entries in the trivia on Kelly Preston.  One states she attended school in South Australia.  Another says...
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Photo of Graham
Irene Francis - confusion?
There are two people called Irene Francis in IMDB. Irene Francis (I) - nm2524626 Irene Francis (II) - nm2550908  Irene Francis (I) has si...
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Photo of Angelo Pilla
About Hamilton
Hamilton, a Broadway show captured live and now on Disney + should not be considered a feature film. First because it is not a movie, it ...
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