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Photo of Graham
Duplicate Mini-Bio
Paris - nm1861886 This person has two mini-bios that are word-for-word the same.One is written by 'Admin', the other by 'Guerrilla Funk R...
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Photo of markdoc
Rawhide western tv show
There is an error in the IMDB app concerning a program. Clint Eastwood was in a western TV show called Rawhide. The show is listed i...
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Photo of M J
keyword "xbox-series-x"
I already mentioned this problem but the post got labeled 'solved', while it still isn't.This keyword "xbox-series-x" is the name of the ...
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Photo of Sierra
I can't find this movie, please help
The movie is about a guy who is either a servant to the castle or is a magicians assistant. He is in love with either the magician or kin...
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