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Photo of Heather
submission problem
Hi my recent Pixar short:   Lamp Life   "Additional Voices" credit isn't getting added and I get the error message "Submission Declined" ...
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Photo of Architect
Title change issue
Hello,I have a couple of issues with my submission.Issue 1:I submitted a Title and Format change #200128-101917-552000And instead it was ...
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Photo of M J
Wrong video on film's page
The first Terminator movie has a video of the new installment on its page.It's even the first one you see. So it should be removed.https:...
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Photo of J.
Rejected Image Tag Deletion - "Interrogation"
I requested that the above image be removed from an episode of Voxday Darkstream. The image does not relate to that series or any of its ...
  • J., 5 days ago

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