Wrong credits, combining work of 2 different actors into one.

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How does one get IMDb to correct incorrect information? I have written for years about the wrong info listed for my father, Robert (Bob) Barron. You give my dad's movie credits to another Robert Barron. I emailed actor Dana Barron who also wrote to you to make the distinction between my dad and hers. More than upsetting.
My dad died in 1958 yet IMDb keeps listing all my day's work lumped with another Robt. Barron who made a lot less movies than my father but lived beyond 1958. My dad was born in Jackson Hole Wyoming, April 3, 1898, an Aries, played bad guys most of the time. Searching for 50 years for Leon Errol's "Tattle Tallyvision", made in 1940 with my godfather Ken Christy and 'Aunt Irene' Ryan. Can anyone help?
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There are yellow "edit page" buttons on all pages of the site. If there is an error with a credit being sent to the wrong actor's page, you click the "edit page" button on the page for that film and correct the credit, entering your father's name as it appears on his page.

IMDb is not at fault for placing it on the wrong page as much as it is the fault of the person submitting the data.

If you have difficulty submitting the corrections, post your father's page here and list which credits don't belong and maybe we can help you out there.

As to the film you're looking for...I don't see much evidence it's been released on video or any longer available.
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The first thing you need to do is check to make sure that none of the other Robert Barrons has some of your father's credits. If another one has just a credit that is for your father, you would simply move the ones in the combined RB that are your father's to this other person.

Assuming that is NOT the case, you need to move the credits to a new Robert Barron. The best way to do this is to start at the main page for Robert Barron (I).

Click on the yellow Edit page button near the bottom of the page.

Select Correct / Delete from the drop-down menu beside Actor Credits (in the Filmography (acting) section).
Click Continue (at the bottom of the page).

Change the Action from Keep: to Correct beside each of the roles that belong to your father.
Check the small box beside Show name? at the lower right corner of the form.
Click Check these updates.

The form should now have a new column titled Name.
Change the Name in each of the items your father played (the ones you changed the Action to Correct for earlier) to just Barron, Robert
Check the box beside provide an explanation to assist in processing this change under each of the credits.
Click Check these updates

You will now see a large warning message under each changed item that lists a lot of identical or similar names. Since you already checked that none of these are your father, you need to select the radio button beside the second last option: This is a different person not currently listed - create 'Barron, Robert (X)'. (The roman numeral may be different if another Robert Barron is submitted between now and the time you do this.)
Select this option for EACH of the items that belong to your father.

Enter the reason for the change in the Explanation box for each credit you are changing. Something like The Robert Barron who performed in this role was my father, and was not Robert Barron (I). I am therefore moving this credit to a new Robert Barron.
The exact words are not critical, but you want to assure the Data Managers that you know this is not the same person (as his daughter you would) and that you understand that you are creating a new name page.
You can just key the Explanation in once, then copy and paste it into all the other credits you're changing.

Click Re-check these updates

The background of each of the changed items should now be green. If any aren't, make the correction(s) indicated by the message(s).

Once all of them are green, click Submit these updates.

Split should be done within a week or two. Note that some credits may disappear for a while during the transfer, so don't worry if this happens.

Note; you could just enter the next available Roman Numeral in place of the '(I)' but I prefer to do it this way to be sure it matches the next number.

Once the new page is in place, you will want to add birth and death dates and a biography so people will be less likely to try an merge him with any of the other Robert Barrons.

Good luck.